Huawei Honor 8 Coming to the U.S. on August 16 – 3 Things to Know About the Phone

Huawei Honor 8

Huawei is still making its baby steps in the U.S. market, with the only device currently available being the Honor 5X, which was unveiled earlier this year.

With the Huawei Honor 5X seemingly seeing significant returns, the Chinese OEM has made up its mind to come in with a second handset dubbed the Huawei Honor 8. According to the latest reports, this handset will be available in the country as from August 16 via a San Francisco-held event. This is about the same time the Honor 8 is expected to hit Europe, with a launch event set to be held in Paris, France.

The Huawei Honor 5X is without a doubt an affordable smartphone that can handle day-to-day tasks, however, it sometimes produces mixed performances, especially when taxed with bulky tasks like gaming, switching between apps and so on. But with the Honor 8, it seems Huawei has made a breakthrough as the phone brings needed improvements in performance, has a great build quality and runs on the latest software. But is this enough for you to make the switch from the Huawei Honor 5X or any other phone you are currently using to the new Honor 8? Let’s take a look at what you should basically know about the upcoming Huawei Honor 8.

The Honor 8 is the closest you can get to a Huawei P9

Huawei P9 was launched this year, making it the company’s 2016 flagship handset. However, this handset as never made it near the U.S. borders and apparently, the upcoming Huawei Honor 8 could just be the closest you ever get to see a Huawei P9. Of course the P and Honor series of Huawei are very different from appearance, which is the same case for these two. However, the real similarities are on the inside.

The Huawei Honor 8 handset packs a Kirin 950 octa-core SoC, has a RAM of 3GB and the onboard storage is set at 32GB. You will also get a dual-lens camera on the back of the phone, although it is not confirmed whether Leica will also be taking care of the business when it comes to the Honor 8 camera. Despite this, the underlying hardware is expected to be the same.

The Honor 8 will also pack a 3000mAh battery that is rechargeable via USB Type-C 1.0, which is the same case with the P9.

Huawei Honor 8

Dual camera system

As noted above, the Huawei Honor 8 is the closest you can get to a Huawei P9. With the latter featuring a dual-lens camera setup, don’t be surprised if this appears on the Honor 8 as a USP. The setup used on the P9 had mixed results during its initial days, but with subsequent updates, the camera has gotten better at what it does. It is at this level that the Honor 8 is expected to come in, picking up from the current state of the Camera app software on the P9, which should mean the camera will offer impressive photography.

Affordable pricing

In China, the Huawei Honor 8 has a price tag of about $340. Of course, we cannot guarantee that this price tag will be retained for the U.S. variant, especially considering the issues of taxation and shipping costs. Still, this doesn’t mean the price will skyrocket to some weird figure similar to the likes of Sony Xperia X and Xperia X Performance.

In short, the upcoming Huawei Honor 8 will be available for a price tag of about $400, which will mean it joins the likes of OnePlus 3, ASUS ZenFone 3 and ZTE Axon 7, just to name but a few, in offering flagship hardware at affordable prices.

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