Humble Bundle Announces Big Indie Game Sale, Cuphead, Gang Beats and More

Humble Bundle Announces Big Indie Game Sale, Cuphead

Humble Bundle has announced a huge indie sale for all and if you love those amazing titles made by small developers, this is the time to buy many of them.

The website has announced a massive 80% discount on majority of the titles.

Every year, during the month of December all major PC gaming platforms like Steam, Origin, UPlay and Humble Bundle will have massive sales. While Humble Bundle is not a direct gaming platform, it is one of the most popular among PC gamers because of the insane discounts. They often sell three games for just $1 and six or more titles for as less as $7 or so making it easy to grow your game library within weeks.

Humble Bundle Announces Indie Game Sale

This time, the big Winter sale is still two weeks to go but they have already announced a small but worthy indie game sale. The long list of game titles discounted during this sale is sure to impress you because they are the best the indies could offer. Besides, Layers of Fear is being given away for free and it is a limited time offer that you could make use of. The free deal is available immediately and is expected to last a couple of hours.

Indie Game Titles on Humble Bundle

Some of the most popular game titles include,

Gang Beasts for $15.99

Axiom Verge for $9.99

Cuphead is at $16.99

Slime Racher sells for $13.39

Stardew Value at $9.89

Duck Game is at $5.19

A Hat in Time costs $26.99

The Witness is priced at $19.99

Owlboy costs $14.99

Humble Bundle Announces Big Indie Game Sale, Cuphead, Gang Beats

Humble Bundle usually offers game bundles and at a price that varies based on how many people buy it. However, the indie game sale is part of the store and is fixed because majority of the titles being sold are from different developers. The store doesn’t provide insanely good deals this time around and it is better to wait for Steam Sale as many of these titles will be available on that platform.

PC gamers need no introduction but if you really love one of these indie titles, this is the best time to buy them while saving a couple of dollars. The Humble Bundle monthly package is a more lucrative choice as it costs just $12 a month and you get big titles like Quantum Break, Dawn of War 3 and the Long Dark. The deal ends once the month of December is over.

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