Hyundai Will Launch Three New All-Electric Cars by 2020

hyundai Suv car

With just three years to go, the plan seems very tough to accomplish but Hyundai wants to launch at least three different fully electric cars by 2020.

According to the eco-development map created by Hyundai, the auto manufacturer wants to pioneer zero emission and make the planet greener place to live in. Over 30 different models will hit dealership stores in the next three years. Hyundai will tie up with its sister brand Kia to achieve this massive number and majority of these models are expected to be either plug-in hybrid models, sport an electric motor and some of them will be fully EVs to achieve the roadmap.

Hyundai electric car interior

The first of the launch will be the electrified version of Kona crossover. The debut will take place most probably in the first half of 2018 and when the car gets launched, it will have an impressive mile range of up to 242 miles on a single charge. Considering the mile range offered by immediate competitors like Tesla’s Model X SUV, the numbers sound great and should put Hyundai in the front despite increasing pressure in the EV segment. After the initial launch, the auto brand has also planned to launch an A-Segment SUV which will be smaller in size and more compact to drive.

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By the year 2021, Hyundai has planned to launch a newer version of the Kona designed to sport increased mile range of up to 311 miles. Another luxury car from the Genesis sub brand will also be launched in the same year and it will be a fully electric car. By introducing multiple cars in different price ranges and one for the luxury audience, the company will seamlessly cater to their existing buyers as well as potential customers all at the same time. Besides, they are also planning to enter the EV market in style with different cars so that they sustain the growing competition.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq EV

Hyundai engineers are also working on a brand new architecture which is completely under wraps at the moment. The architecture is still in its early stages but sources have confirmed that it is being built solely for the electric vehicles, with enough space for the batteries. The ample space will allow the brand to build cars with improve mileage and it will also be versatile enough to house different segments like SUV, coupe among others. Hyundai will develop both front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models that sport plug-in hybrid technologies.

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