Inbox by Gmail Update Brings 3 New and Very Essential Features


Google has updated the Inbox by Gmail app with quite an amazing set of new features. The app now gets updates with respect to events, saved links as well as newsletter previews.

The new events feature has everything to do with the Calendar and it will be in a position to help users see all the emails that are associated or related to a given event (s) at a glance. With the events feature in Inbox by Gmail, users will be able to monitor any changes made to the event. This is a cool move by Google, especially now that we are swiftly moving towards the summer, which is usually full of events.

Another feature that Google will be updating as far as the Inbox by Gmail app is concerned is the preview newsletters. In the latest version, users will now be able to preview all newsletters they read often as well as navigate to the articles that interest you most with a lot of ease. Just click on it and a card-like interface will show up. This card carries all the information contained in the newsletter.

A third and very important feature that Google has added to the latest version of Inbox by Gmail is the ability to store as well as remember the links that come embedded in emails. What this new feature aims at is to ensure that users of this Inbox app are able to save all of the links received in their emails directly into this application. In this way, it also means that accessing them is very easy as they are right there in the app.

Inbox by Gmail

The saved links can also be previewed so that the formatted pages from the links are visible even without the need of leaving the Inbox by Gmail app to directly visit the said links’ pages. While the Android app works with no hassles, those on desktops will have to first of all download and install the Inbox by Gmail Chrome extension so that they can add the links to their Inbox app.

Gmail seems to be heavily focused on becoming the go-to service when it comes to email services, a niche that was once dominated by Yahoo. Just last month, the search engine giant added two amazing features to this Inbox by Gmail app – the “Later this weekend” and another one is known as “this weekend.” These two features are the company’s efforts to ensure that users have an easier time snoozing their email alerts so that they can check them later on in their free time.

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