Instagram – Offering Vibrancy and Diversity to Storytelling as Never Before


Powerful Editing

Instagram began as a location for sharing filtered images and photos. It has slowly evolved into a platform where people from all over the world can share their photographic interest, with over 80 million videos or photos being posted on a daily basis. Your storytelling can now be more vibrant and diverse than ever before. Users can discover the various wonders of the world that broaden experiences and they can connect with other like-minded people everywhere.

Today, Instagram has exploded to gaining than hundred million users within two years and the user number now stands at 400 million. Over the years, it has offered several updates and the tools have now become a very powerful means for image editing.

March, 2016 Update – Feed Optimization

The update in March allows a feed optimization that is based on the interest of the user. Most users follow several people and are not interested in many of the pictures that they share. They miss out on many interesting feeds as well.  In order to combat this problem, Instagram offers a feature optimizing the feed based on your connection with that user and post timing. However, it might take time to operate smoothly and get things right, but the experience is going to be new and refreshing for users.

Instagram New Icon

Analyzing What You Care About

The order of the videos or the photographs in the user feed is now based on the probability of their interest in a particular content, their relationships with the one who has posted the content and post timeliness. However, all the posts will still continue to exist, only with a change in the order in which they appear. Based on feedback from users, Instagram will continue to make changes and updates to get everything perfect.

For instance, if a favorite artist shares some video from the latest concert, you will find it among the top posts, regardless of the accounts that you are following or the time zone that you are living in. If your best friend puts up a picture of her new kitten, you are sure to see it first thing you open the app.

Avoiding the Customized Feed

However, if you don’t care about the customized feed, you can still get around it by turning on the notifications of all the accounts and persons that you follow or care about. This will result in getting push notifications for all of their posts, so that you don’t miss out on them.

New Icon

The latest update in April 2016 offers a new icon with a new design for the app. The new icon consists of a vector backed by a psychedelic gradient and stands out boldly among other icons. The previous icon has inspired the new icon, but it brings in a camera that looks simpler, along with the rainbow in a gradient form. The look is simple, offering greater focus on photos, videos and content, without making changes to the navigation method within the application. The application continues to remain the same as before, but much of the color and the noise have been eliminated from the interface, so that there is greater focus on the content now.

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