Instagram to Soon Let the Users Like the Comments or Just Turn Them Off Completely


Instagram is all set to look more like Facebook, its parent company in the next upcoming weeks.

The photo-sharing social networking site had announced recently in its blog post that it will be adding a few more tools that will allow users to like the individual comments on the Instagram posts, just like they can do on Facebook. The users will be able to express their appreciation for a particular comment with a tiny red heart, unlike the already existing big red heart that is used for liking the posts. Instagram has always focused on making itself a place that is very welcoming to the people. The company says that it has added these small hearts, as opposed to the thumbs-up icon that is used on Facebook, so that it gives a more personalized feel to the users.


Control the Comment Features

The majority of the conversation on Instagram happens via Comments. Though most of the comments are positive, they might however not be always welcomed or kind. Instagram had previously launched the ability to filter comments that will be based on keywords. This was a very important step that provided the user with more control over their experience with comments. However, two more features have been added by Instagram which they think will probably improve this experience.

Instagram is all set to add a new feature where the users can turn off comments on any post. There are times when a post is supposed to stand on its own without any comments for it, and that is where this feature comes handily. This feature was previously available for just a few accounts. In the next couple of weeks, it will be available for everyone. The users will have to go to the Advanced Settings tab before posting and then select the ‘Turn Off Commenting’ option. However, commenting can be turned back on at any point of time by just tapping on the three-dot menu tab.

Another new addition is that a new heart icon has been introduced that will be placed beside a comment and it will allow the users to like the comments by just tapping on it. The aim of introducing this is to show personalized support to the posts which should encourage the positivity in the community.

Instagram Comment Features

Remove Followers from Private Accounts

There are a few people on Instagram who prefer having private accounts i.e. they choose to approve each and every follower. This is probably a better way to stay secured and also not have to worry about their posts becoming public but stay assured that their posts are within their close friends and family only. Previously, when a follower has been approved, there was no way to undo that unless the person was blocked. But now, the users who carry a private account will be able to remove the followers. The user will just have to go to the list of the followers and tap on the three-dot menu beside the person’s name. The best part is that the person who has been removed as a follower will not be notified of the removal.

Anonymous Reporting of Posts and People Who Need Help

Instagram Anonymous Reporting of Posts

Instagram has always mentioned that it is working on becoming the place where people can share all their deep and personal moments. In every possibility, there might have been posts on many occasions which will have the closest people struggling and looking forward to finding some support. In such situations, where a user might think that a fellow person is probably thinking about injuring or hurting themselves, it can be reported anonymously and the company will connect that person with organizations that are ready to offer help. Instagram has teams that are working 24 hours a day, on all seven days of a week, throughout the year, all around the world, who will keep reviewing these reports.

Instagram has mentioned in its blog post that all these updates are just marking the beginning of it and the company is looking forward to working towards becoming a more welcoming and a much safer place for all its users.

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