Instagram Unveils a New Feature Called ‘Event Channel’

Event Channel Instagram

This time, Instagram has taken inspiration from the Discover tool on Snapchat and started curating user videos of sports events and concerts.

They are calling this new feature the Event Channel and is found in the Explore tab.

How the Event Channel works

Like everything else in Explore, the channel is personalized and highlights the events you may like.

The main objective of the channel is to give you a front row feel. The channel puts together a mixture of videos depending on what you like and who you follow. But this time, content comes from users who are attendees at the events or fans instead of the PR or social media team of a celebrity. As a result of this, the videos offer variety. The clips could have anything from a bird’s eye view of an event from the bleachers to a close-up from the mosh pit.

Instagram Event Channel

For instance, if you are a fan of an athlete in a match or an artist in a concert, you will get access to a ton of fan made videos during the event. While this feature is only available in the United States right now, Instagram promises it will be available worldwide in the near future.

This is one of the latest updates from Instagram which makes it look like they are turning into a Snapchat copycat. Earlier in the month, Instagram introduced the new ‘Stories’ feature which shares a name with Snapchat’s signature feature. It lets Instagram users post photos and videos which disappear within twenty-four hours. These stories are high in the feed so that it is easier for followers to view content.

With moments captured through episodes, you don’t have to care about sharing many posts and flooding followers’ streams because the Stories are going to vanish eventually. Social media marketers may find this approach to be useful since it gets rid of the spammy nature associated with advertising on Instagram. Instagram has acknowledged how similar this feature is to Snapchats and has even given them credit for coming up with it.

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