Some Interesting Facts about Facebook Messenger App

Facebook Messenger Facts

Facebook Messenger is the most popular app today apart from WhatsApp.

The Messenger app has on an average of 900 million subscribers using it across a plethora of platforms. With a number of hidden gems under its bonnet, Messenger has proved itself to be much more than just an ordinary messaging app. You can also make individual and group voice and video calls. Here, we present you some interesting facts to help you get the most of the Messenger app you have installed on your handset. If you have not installed the app already, these details can prove to be an interesting reason why you can consider it to be a must have app. It must be noted that the facts mentioned here are specifically for the Android version. While not all of them are supported by app versions on other operating systems, some of them may still hold good.

Secret Inbox

This feature helps you separate messages from known contacts and unknown contacts into two categories. Spam messages and messages from unknown contacts do not come into the Inbox as usual. Rather, they end up in a separate section called Filtered.

To activate this secret inbox for unwanted messages, on your Messenger app, tap Settings.In the Settings screen, select People followed by Message Requests. Scroll on and tap on See Filtered Requests. You can set the filter in the screen that opens.

Multiple Facebook Messenger Accounts

This Android exclusive feature is a great blessing for those who have more than one Facebook Messenger accounts that they want to access on the same device. Activating this is a very simple process that is done in the Settings screen of your handset.

In the Settings screen, select the Accounts option and tap on the + icon next to it to include more accounts along with the one you are currently logged on to. When you switch from one account to another for the first time, you will have to enter a password. From the next time, you can decide whether to enter the password each time or auto set the password for each account.

Payment Transactions

You can send money to or receive money from your Messenger buddies! However, to do this transaction, you must own a debit card by any US bank. To link the debit card details, in the Settings screen, select the Payments option followed by Payment Methods. Choose Add New Debit Card and enter your debit card details.

To transfer money to another person, open his or her chat window and type message followed by the $ icon followed by the amount you want to pay. After typing this out, tap on Pay to complete the payment. To receive the payment, open the chat window of the person from whom you have to get the money. Select App Card and include your debit card details. The amount of time taken for the transaction to get completed depends upon your bank.

Facebook Messenger

Finding Friends Faster

In April 2016, the Facebook Messenger app introduced the concept of Messenger code that is a combination of a unique username and a QR code for each subscriber. This is found in the Settings screen. You can either scan these details or share the username link with your friend so that he/she can find you more easily on Messenger. To scan your buddy’s details, open the Find Contacts on Messenger section followed by Scan Messenger Code.

Sharing Content

You can share content from other apps using Messenger. This is because the Messenger app is integrated with various other apps. To know which other apps your Messenger app is integrated with, tap on More in your chat window. Contents in the apps listed here can be shared using the Messenger app.

Chat Notifications

While these notifications can be really handy most of the time, they can at times be irritating too. You can either disable them either permanently or for however long you want to get rid of them.

To get rid of the notifications for a stipulated time period, tap on Notifications and Sounds in the Settings screen. Select the Toggle Above option. In the opening screen, you can deactivate the notifications for as short as 15 minutes or a day or even a longer period of your choice.

Playing Games

Want to chat and play a game with your online buddy at the same time? With Facebook Messenger, you can play either basketball or chess. To play basketball, just send the basketball emoji as a separate message. Click on the message that opens up and start playing. If it is chess that you want to play, just type play @fbchess on your chat window to open up an arranged chess board. To move a piece, type its short code ID along with the location you want to move it to. For example, @fbchess Qc6 moves the Queen to Column 6.

Sending Animal Pictures

Emojis without any doubt make chat conversations interestingly. However, how would it be to send the picture of an animal that is not present among the list of available emojis? To do this, all you have to do is to type @dailycute in the chat window and an image gets randomly sent.

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