Some Interesting Updates to Enjoy the Battlefield 1 Game Better

Battlefield 1

The popular Battlefield 1 game is set to be during 1918.

However, there is a complete mismatch regarding the historical accuracy when you consider the equipment used. This is because the rocket guns, fore grips, assault rifles, Juggernaut armor, tactical scopes and suppressors were not in existence during that period. But if you ignore this aspect, the game has some really action pack mind blowing moments with intense engagement and more skill needed at every point of the game.

Battlefield 1

In the beginning of November 2016, the developers of Battlefield 1 revamped the game with some major updates. These updates have made the game still more enjoyable than before. This popular game can be played on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, apart from your personal computer operating on Windows.  The updates are however being implemented only in the middle of the same month. It is worth noting that the multiplayer functionality of the game will be offline for an hour when this takes place. Various tweaks are being implemented that represented the major changes.

What You Can Expect After the Update

One of the vital changes is with respected to the Suez map. The earlier map presented a close quarters view, which did not fare well with the players. As a result, the DICE team is working on increasing the map layout. Additionally, new vehicle has been introduced for each team and two new flags have made their entry into the game.

Battlefest was an interesting feature in Battlefield 4, an earlier version of the game. This is an actually a seven days event that portrays new activities, community missions, distinct battlepacks and login rewards. With the updated Battlefield 1, you will find Battlefest once again which adds more thrill to the game. Also, the new Battlefest offers a new Fog of War game where the team has to wage a battle in a dense foggy environment. Interestingly, soldiers will have no name tag or minimap. All that will be available are a gamut of shotguns to help you combat a close quarters fight.

A new Battlefield 1 rental server program will be integrated into the game. This helps gamers to set up public and private game serves based on their preferences. These servers will provide various options to play the game and also the map rotation facility.

Earning Maximum Number of Warbonds, Scraps and Battlepacks

Paying due attention to the game as you play can help you proceed on the right track. Not only this, the right moves help you take possession of a large number of warbonds, scraps and battlepacks. To receive these, you must keep yourself updated about what these three terms refer to in the game.

A warbond is a kind of currency that you use in the game as you move up to a higher rank. So, all that you have to do to earn a warbond is move up the rank. As you do this, warbonds become automatically obtainable. You can use this currency to buy any equipment that will help you fight the battle. Some things that you can buy with warbonds comprise melee weapons, grenades, variants, guns and secondaries to mention just a few.

While getting a battlepack can pose to be a challenge, it is also fun and makes you want to play the game even more than before. A battlepack is essentially a collection of some cool gun camos. Often, you end up winning a battlepack if you play Battlefield 1 till the very end irrespective of if you win or lose the match at this point of time. However, in reality, earning a battlepack is based on a random algorithm. The most common scenario reported thus far indicates that you will obtain at least one battlepack for every three games played. One shortcut to take possession of many battlepacks is to play the game in domination mode.

Battlefield 1 Scraps and Battlepacks

Needless to say, battlepacks and scraps are interrelated. Scraps are another way of equipping yourself with more number of battlepacks. Like a warbond, a scrap is also a type of in-game currency. To earn the maximum number of scraps possible, you will have to scrap a camo of your choice. To scrap the camo, you have to in turn open a battlepack and scrap it. When you do this to your battlepack, you will win more points. These points help you in getting better battlepacks that can assist you in winning improved camos if you are lucky. Remember that you may end up getting duplicate skins when you open your battlepacks. It is always advisable to scrap a duplicate skin when you get it. In case you forget to do this, you need not panic. You can go to your inventory at any point of time and do the scrapping when you want. This way, you stand a good chance of earning better stuff to meet your needs.            

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