iOS 9.3.2 for Apple iPad Pro – Aimed at ‘Unbricking’ the Devices affected by the Error 56 Bug

iOS 9.3.2 for Apple iPad Pro

Re-releasing the 9.3.2 Version of iOS

The iOS 9.3.2 version of the iOS was released last month, bringing in some incremental updates, such as bug fixing and performance enhancement, along with a few other features. But it also brought along with it a notorious bug, resulting in some devices being bricked. Apple is addressing this issue with a re-release of this version for the specific device.

For iPad Pro, 9.7 inches

The update, iOS 9.3.2 has been recently released again, this time exclusively for users of the iPad Pro, 9.7 inches. The update for the iPad Pro was pulled back and it is now being re released for the specific device. Those who had luckily not updated their device with the new 9.3.2 version can now safely do so. A supporting document is also available from Apple, for those who experience some error during the update to this version. The version has the build number of 13F72 and can be availed from the official channels.

Bricked iPad Pros – Error 56 Bug

About fifteen days ago, Apple had released this update for all devices supporting the software version. However, some users of the iPad Pro, 9.7 inches had complained that their devices had been bricked due to this update and showed the Error 56 Bug. So much so, that Apple even replaced some units.Though the problem only affected a few devices, it was very frustrating for the customers, as the new version only contains some bug fixes and a few security improvement features. The error has been noted only for the 9.7 inches, iPad Pro devices and no other iPhones or iPads have been affected by this. So, the version continued to be available for other devices.

Apple iPad Pro

First Release

The iOS 9.3.2 was first released to users in the middle of May. It was released in April for developers and one month later, it was available for all users. The new update also offers adjustments made to the Night Shift, as it can be used in another mode, namely the Low Power one as well. The audio quality has also been improved in case of the iPhone SE, when it is paired with a Bluetooth headset.

After this, there were several reports from developers and beta version testers and bricking reports followed. A few days later, Apple pulled out the update for the iPad Pro users.

Proceed with Care

Apple has also experienced such issues with respect to some other updates previously. They had to re release several versions of the iOS 9 due to different causes. For instance, the iOS 9.3 had to be pulled back in case of the iPad 2, as it caused the same bricking problem.

With respect to those who had experienced a bricked device due to the earlier released update, they have to connect to iTunes either on a Mac or on a PC, with the use of the Lightning cable. However, users must proceed with care while updating the new version, as it is not yet sure whether the new release has solved the issue.

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