iOS 9 has a Bug that Could Crash your iPhone, Apple is Working on a Quick Fix

iOS 9

Apple iOS 9 has seen quite a number of beta versions come on board, but as it seems, the company hasn’t yet cleared everything as far as bugs are concerned.

Users of the latest iOS 9 have been airing their frustrations on the official support forums of the company with respect to a bug that is affecting their iPhones. According to reports, clicking on a link from inside certain applications such as Chrome and Safari Web browsers as well as the Messages, Mail and Notes apps, among others, causes the app in question to freeze and subsequently crash.

At the moment, the problem seems to be unchecked, but Apple has released a statement saying that it is working on a fix for this bug.

Issue related to iOS 9 Universal Links

It seems the latest bug in iPhones is related to a feature introduced with iOS 9 – Universal Links – which gives users a revamped method of handling links from within native applications. With this feature, developers of applications can easily register domain names such that they open web links right from within apps by evading the main browser, Safari. In this way, clicking on, say, a Twitter link will prompt the OS to open the Twitter app instead of loading the web page through the web browser, Safari.

iOS 9.3 was made official last week on Monday, alongside the smaller iPhone SE and the even smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro. If anything, these reports have begun surfacing after this update, something that makes it safe to claim the bug is associated with an issue in the latest operating system.

iOS 9

Safari also received some updates together with the new OS, which could also mean that the changes are responsible for Universal Links bug.

Apple is working on a fix, no release date details

At the moment, there are quite a lot of guesses about what could possibly be behind this iOS 9.3 issue that causes apps to crash when handling links. However, the good side of the story is that if you are experiencing the problem, Apple has said that it will soon be releasing a software fix to the bug, which it has already begun working on.

Still, there is really nothing much to worry about, unless you are new to software updates. For tech savvy individuals, this is actually normal with new software. But, hopefully, it won’t be persistent and that Apple will soon come out with a fix for the bug.

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