Apple’s iOS To Soon Get WhatsApp Video Calling Feature

WhatsApp Video Calling For iOS

WhatsApp has been the favorite instant messaging app around the world since it has been launched.

Today, there is a monthly estimate of 900 million people who use WhatsApp regularly, particularly in Brazil.

The highly deemed and most used IM system, the WhatsApp has started testing in Beta the feature for video calling for iOS based devices. As of now it is available only for a few devices and moreover, it is only in Beta version. Rumors have been circulating that WhatsApp is going to implement voicemail and video calling features, in addition to other really interesting and useful feature of inviting users to indulge in group conversations by using links, QR codes, or NFC (Near Field Communication) tags.

Android Police, which is a renowned tech site, reported a series of photos and screenshots from different users, which has been helpful in translating the WhatsApp format and text menu in different languages. It was reported that the users mentioned that they were capable of translating a complete phrase like “Video calling is unavailable at this time’ and “Video Call” in regard to the screenshots from WhatsApp. This means that the app is getting prepared to roll out these statements and phrases in various languages.

WhatsApp had announced sometime last year that they will be releasing the voice calling feature. So the next evident feature to be introduced should be the video calling feature. The users have been very curious and are waiting anxiously to see how the video calls on WhatsApp are going to be. The main concern related to this new feature is whether the calls and video presentation be of a good quality and will it give the required feel of a video call or will it fail to impress the users with a bad quality and frequency of the video!

iOS Whatsapp’s Video Calling Feature

Inviting for group conversations!

Another new feature that has been supposedly introduced by WhatsApp is for inviting users to participate in group conversations. It seems to be a very useful feature which should be active in full swing by using links, QR codes, or NFC (Near Field Communication) tags. This feature comes in handily and makes it easier to send invites and add friends, family, clients, acquaintances etc. to a group and start conversations without having to add all of them manually. All they have to do is just send a QR code, or a link or an NFC tag to the concerned person who should be joining the group and the job will be done.

Call back and ZIP files

There are other new features that are said to be introduced soon with WhatsApp new version possibly. They include the ZIP file attachments, voicemails and call back features. There will be a “Call Back” option that will be displayed in case there is any missed call. It is available for both Android and iOS based devices. The voicemail feature helps to record and send across voice conversations. This is available right now only for the iOS based platform. ZIP files are a helpful bunch of supporting file types. The ZIP file attachments help in saving data and its charges while sending across huge sized files, as it allows file compressing features.

 So right now, we have to wait for the official introduction of the voice calling and video calling features since the version is available as of now only for Beta testing purposes for iOS and it can run only a few devices hitherto. It is not yet sure as to when the feature will be ready for public use and whether it will be available during the next update release or will it still be in the testing phase.

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  1. Great news, so excited about video calling on Whatsapp. I am sure it will be better than other calling app out there

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