iPhone 6S vs. Samsung Galaxy S7: Here’re 4 Areas Samsung Beats Apple

iPhone 6S

Samsung unveiled Galaxy S7 on press day, months away from Apple’s release of iPhone 7. Despite the new release by Samsung, last year’s iPhone 6S remains to be one of the most sought-after smartphone flagships.

While the phone is not a revolutionary model, it brings in a quality set of new features and performance enhancements. From a distance, it will be hard to tell apart the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 – they have a similar metal and glass body.

Apple is expected to unveil its next flagship in September this year, just like it did with last year’s models. Even though very little or rather nothing is known about the next iPhone 7, the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S7 seems to already have a leg up in 2016 when compared to Apple’s current flagship – iPhone 6S.

Obviously, there are areas where each company has its pros and cons. But one thing to agree on is that Samsung’s latest S7 has quite a number of abilities that you won’t enjoy when using Apple’s iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

Dust and water resistivity

Apple has more than once argued that the iPhone 6S doesn’t need Ingression Protection (IP)as its build already protects the phone from things like water spills. Samsung fell for this notion with Galaxy S6, but things have changed with Galaxy S7. The phone comes with a rating of IP68 – which is probably the highest available. With this rating, the phone can survive up to 30 minutes of ‘drowning’.


Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a new 12MP snapper that promises a lot, contrary to its reduced size of megapixels. There is not a single shred of doubt that Samsung’s Note 5 comes with one of the best snappers, but the newly installed BRITECELL technology means the S7 steps up the game in the photography world.

Even though it is still kind of early to rate this snapper as the best in 2016, our first impressions with the device speaks a lot. The snapper has extremely fast focus speeds, beating the iPhone 6S in focusing. The f/1.7 aperture also means that the Galaxy S7 takes better shots in low lighting conditions.

Display quality

There is rumor that Samsung will turn supplier to Apple as far as OLED screen technology is concerned. If this is true, then it should tell you that Apple is still trailing Samsung when it comes to display quality.

iPhone 6S

As far as the screen business is concerned, there is no denying that Samsung is the best. When the S7 is finally here, you will definitely enjoy the Super AMOLED display quality. The screen also comes with 2K QHD resolution, which is massive when compared to the 720p on the iPhone 6S.

Expandable storage

Samsung has finally found a way of combining its onboard storage with expandable storage without slowing down the performance of phones. This is what the S7 comes with. A missing aspect in last year’s model, Samsung Galaxy S7 now comes with room for a microSD card. This is not available for iPhone 6S users or any other iPhone user for that matter. Samsung Galaxy S7 owners can add up to 200GB of storage space.

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