iPhone 7 to Address iPhone 6S Design Weaknesses

iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6

Apple unveiled the iPhone 6S last year to a less than “wow” reception thanks to the fact that the gizmo retained much of what people had already seen in 2014’s iPhone 6.

Despite being constantly described as one of the best, if not the best, smartphone designs available today; the iPhone 6 still has some flaws. Whether it is the extruding rear camera, the visible antenna lines or the bendgate issue, you will be surprised to learn that this device has its own share of spoils. Well, Apple tried to take care of some of these issues with iPhone 6S, but things did not materialize that much.

The Cupertino Company successfully took care of the bendgate issue by introducing a more robust aluminum 7000 series in iPhone 6S, but not much had changed as far as the design of this device is concerned. According to the latest reports coming from Mac Rumors, we might be in for a new, cleaner design for the upcoming iPhone 7 this fall.

Flush camera, no visible antenna lines, and more design changes

By Apple coming up with a new, cleaner design for the iPhone 7 means that you will not see a protruding lens and visible antenna lines. In addition, the phone will be a lot thinner than any of its predecessors.

iPhone 7

There is word on the street that Apple wants to get rid of the 3.5mm jack port and in its place have a lightning connector for both audio and power purposes. To add on this, the reports also claim that Apple might for the first time introduce water resistance in the new iPhone 7, something that Android users are very familiar with.

Dual camera for iPhone 7 Plus in the works

Apple went into the phablet market with the introduction of iPhone 6 Plus back in 2014. This was later on followed up by iPhone 6S Plus and to keep the trend going, there is a new iPhone 7 Plus being lined up for September release.

While there haven’t been significant differences between the flagship and phablet smartphone apart from the screen sizes, Apple wants to make this year’s models more distinct. Apparently, the company is working on a dual-lens setup for the bigger iPhone in a bid to make it its USP. You can also expect to see fast charging technology on the huge device as well as onboard storage of up to 256GB. There is also word that Apple might come in with Li-Fi technology for this device. This is wireless technology that is seen to be 100 times faster than the normal Wi-Fi.

Before Apple unveils the new iPhone 7, there is word that the Cupertino tech giant will hold an event this March. During this event, a new iPhone 5SE and iPad Air 3 will be released alongside updates to the current WatchOS.

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