This iPhone 8 Concept Shows how the Bezel-less and Function Area Design could Look Like

iPhone 8 Concept

With Samsung rumored to be coming in with huge changes to the Galaxy S8, Apple is also weighing options of whether or not to take the same direction with the 2017 iPhone 8.

There are reports that the tech giant will be unveiling up to three new iPhones this year – the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus as well as a high-end iPhone 8 or rather, iPhone Edition, according to fresh reports from Japan. While these are just rumors, a new iPhone 8 mockup has surfaced showing off just what the rumored design of the flagship phone could look like come September this year.

We’ve heard talk of an edge-to-edge display with thinner bezels, a missing physical home button and Touch ID and a new function area just below the main screen. Well, these have been put together in one amazing iPhone 8 mockup and you’ll love it.

From the images, the iPhone 8 is expected to come with very thin bezels on the top and bottom. However, the left and right edges will completely drop the idea of bezels, where the screen continues all the way until it meets the frame that joins the back and front panels. We’ve seen with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and it will also be happening with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Similarly, the top and bottom bezels are very small, with the former still capable of housing the earpiece.

iPhone 8 Concept

On the opposite end, you’ll find a virtual home bar that works with haptic feedback. This is the function area that we’ve heard of before and it will replace the physical home button. According to the iPhone 8 mockup, users will see a black bar when the device is turned on or rather unlocked. When locked, an “Unlock with Touch ID” prompt will show up at the same place, allowing users to use their fingerprints to unlock the devices. What this means is that the Touch ID will be hidden under the display panel, just below the main screen.

While the function area is part of the entire display, the mockup reveals that only the section above this black bar is usable, which is something that has been said before – that only 5.15 inches of the total 5.8 inches will be usable.

iPhone 8 Concept

There’re lots of design similarities between this iPhone 8 mockup and what Samsung is doing with the Galaxy S8, something that is not strange considering the stiff competition for the same market between the two. Although the latter will be announced in three weeks’ time, the former is expected to be here in September or maybe later.

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