iPhone SE Released: Here’re the Specs, Availability and Pricing

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is no longer a rumor but a reality. Apple unveiled this 4-inch smartphone in an event today, an event that will be the company’s last to be held at its headquarters as 2017 will see them move to the Halo campus in Cupertino.

The new iPhone SE brings in Apple’s cheaper and smaller option that is meant for the developing world where the company has been doing great in the recent past, for instance, China and India. The phone brings together a perfect blend of the older iPhone 5S and the new iPhone 6S, coming in with the size of the former and a spec sheet similar to the latter. According to Apple, the SE is the most powerful smartphone ever as far as its 4-inch category is concerned.

iPhone SE specs

As mentioned, the iPhone SE has the body of the iPhone 5S and the specs of the newer models. It comes with a 64-bit A9 chipset in addition to the embedded M9 co-processor, something that is very similar to what the newer iPhone 6S has. In short, users of this device will enjoy gaming and multitasking just as much as those using the newer, larger models.

There is even better news as Apple has installed an equally powerful camera on this phone. The rear has a similar 12MP iSight snapper that features dual-tone flash and can record 4K videos. Apple has also included the Live Photos feature that was introduced with iPhone 6S, which only but draws more comparisons with the 2015 flagship.

iPhone SE

Though similar to the iPhone 5S in size, the new iPhone SE has faster connectivity with respect to Wi-Fi, LTE, NFC as well as Bluetooth. Further, the new phone boasts of better battery life than its pint-sized predecessor.

Pricing and availability

The newly released iPhone SE will start selling at a retail price of $399. But this is just for the base model, which houses a rather unwelcoming storage size of 16GB. However, if you can squeeze in an extra $100, you can get the 64GB model.

Following its release today, the iPhone SE opens for preorders beginning March 24, but the phone will be officially released on the last day of this month. By the time May comes to an end, the SE will be selling in at least 100 countries.

Apple also unveiled a new and smaller iPad Pro, which has a 9.7-inch display. Even though smaller, the iPad Pro packs what Apple terms as “Pro” features that include “pro display”, “pro audio”, “pro performance” as well as “pro accessories”, among other goodies. The tablet sales at $599 for the base model (32GB). There is also the option of getting a 128GB model for $749 or a 256GB model for $899.



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