iPhone SE: Was it Really Necessary for Apple to Make a Smaller iPhone?

iPhone SE

It’s no longer a rumor, but the Apple iPhone SE is finally here. The 4-inch smartphone was announced at a Monday event and to simply describe it, it’s an iPhone 5S on the first look and an iPhone 6S on the deeper side.

Apple has not made a 4-inch smartphone since coming in with the iPhone 5S back in 2013. So, what changed? As it seems, Apple has quite a number of good reasons to bring back the smaller iPhone SE.

First, the company has found itself in a situation where smartphone sales are stagnating. To ensure that it keeps on getting as many buyers as possible, the company wouldn’t mind having such a device on the market to capture as many sales as possible regardless of the market. The last few years have seen Apple’s iPhones get popularity in countries like China and India. Apple wants to capture this market, but it is also aware that the price tag of the iPhone 6 and 6S scares off some new users who would want to try the new platform. Coming in with a compact version of the flagship model priced at a lower cost seems to be a nice idea for the company towards achieving its goal.

During the announcement of the iPhone SE, Apple noted that last year alone it sold at least 30 million units of 4-inch iPhones. Interestingly, the newest of the available 4-inch iPhones is over 2.5 years old. With the new iPhone SE that features the latest hardware, Apple believes that it will be able to attract more customers, including new ones from developing nations. On average, the iPhone SE is expected to sell up to 15 million units per year.

Premium and affordable

The iPhone is best known for its premium look and feel that usually gives it a premium price as well. But as noted earlier, Apple wants to get more and more customers on board so as to bolster its flattening iPhone sales. In short, the company wants to enter into the mid-range market with a bang and compete with the likes of Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung, the latter being a tough competitor in the flagship end.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE takes after the iPhone 5S in terms of size but packs the specs of the iPhone 6S. In essence, Apple went through a hassle-free process in designing this phone as it only had to use some components from the two phones and use them to make the new phone. It is one  major reason this phone has received such an affordable price tag of just $399, but still carries the premium look of an iPhone 6S. This phone will for sure appeal to a wide market, be it the more established ones or the emerging ones.

As it seems, Apple had quite some good reasons to come in with the smaller iPhone SE. Preorders begin on March 24, however, the phone will be available on March 31.

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