Is Apple Pay for Android Coming Soon?

Apple Pay

The tech world is changing so fast that staying ‘asleep’ just for a few seconds might leave you miles behind.

This is actually why you always see major tech companies such as Apple and Google coming in with almost the same services over the same period. It is because both of them want to stay relevant in the market by offering similar but differentiated services to the highly diverse market of today. For instance, Apple has iOS, iMessage, Apple Pay and Apple Music while on the other hand Google has Android, Hangouts, Android Pay and Google Play Music. These are apps that offer the same services but on different platforms.

While you will have no problem using any of Google’s apps on iOS devices, the main problem comes when you want to use Apple services on Android. Things have, however, been changing in the recent past as Apple has begun sending some of its apps to the Play Store. Those willing to move from Android to iOS can make use of Move to iOS app to migrate their data, for instance.

Apple CEO Tim Cook surprised many when he introduced the Apple Music app on the Play Store. To make matters even sweeter, there is a new update to this app available for download right now. iPhone users have never had the chance to work with microSD cards on their devices, but now that the Apple Music app is available on Android, a platform where expandable memory is well-known to users, Cupertino has updated this app with the ability to save files on the external SD card. In this way, you can listen to the saved files when offline.

Apple Pay, iCloud for Android might be next in line

With Microsoft recently making its intentions of diving into the Android ecosystem with its apps and now Apple stepping up its efforts by updating the Music app, it seems the days of companies keeping their platforms to themselves are over.

Apple Pay

Google came in with the open-ended nature and even though many have criticized it, it seems they are now accepting it as the best way to reach out to the entire world. Apple Music is already gaining some traction in the Play Store and with this kind of response; don’t be surprised to see more Apple services such as Apple Pay, iMessage, FaceTime and iCloud come to the most popular mobile OS in the world.

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