Is Samsung Taking Inspiration from Apple AirPods with Galaxy S8 Wireless Headset?

Samsung Galaxy S8

Not so long ago Samsung launched the Gear IconX wireless earphones, but this doesn’t mean the South Korean tech giant is after emulating what Apple has done with AirPods launched alongside the iPhone 7.

Nonetheless, this also doesn’t mean that Samsung is done with borrowing a leaf from what Apple is doing in the smartphone world, especially now that the former has confirmed that it will be launching a new pair of wireless headphones to go with the launch of the 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8.

Recent reports claim that Samsung will be launching a new wireless headset when the Galaxy S8 comes to life in February 2017. Citing unnamed sources, the report doesn’t clarify whether the said wireless headphones will come in the same package as the Galaxy S8 or will be sold separately like the Apple AirPods.

Many have faulted Samsung for what they term as copying what Apple does. Well, from our end, we see it as taking inspiration from some of the best ideas of its biggest rival in the tech industry. With the rumored wireless headset, it is simply another inspiration from Apple. Whether Samsung has plans to include Harman internals on the headset is still unknown, but it would be a pleasure to have the firm’s expertise all around the device.

Samsung Galaxy S8

One thing that led to the introduction of Apple AirPods is the fact that iPhone 7 does not come with a 3.5mm headphone jack and instead, users have only the Lightning Port to use for listening music via headphones. This is also the same port that is to be used when charging the phone, meaning you cannot charge your phone and use wired headphones at the same time. Enter AirPods.

Like Apple, Samsung is rumored to be contemplating on ditching the 3.5mm headphone port and instead turn to USB Type-C headphones. This will also mean users have a single port for both charging and headphone output. Enter Samsung wireless headset. As noted earlier, Samsung does not appear to be giving up on taking inspiration from Apple – and it pays off, most of the times (things did not go so well when Samsung tried Apple’s way by killing off the microSD card storage).

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