Jet Black Models of the iPhone 7 Plus Now Up for Grabs at the Apple Stores United States – Make a Move Now

Jet Black model iPhone 7 Plus

 The Jet Black model of iPhone 7 Plus is now available in most of the Apple stores in the United States.

Jet Black A Rarity

After the Jet Black model of the iPhone 7 Plus was first made available, it soon became rare to find in stores. The rarity could have been caused due to high demand or because of insufficiency of production. It could also be a result of a combination of these two factors.

Jet Black model iPhone 7 Plus



Jet Black is Back

As of today, the Jet Black version is available and can be bought at many of the Apple stores of the country. However, fans of this version better be quick about their purchase, as the Jet Black model is sure to be cleaned out very quickly. There are many fans looking out for the larger Plus model in this jet black version

Mac Rumors

According to Mac Rumors, the Jet Black version has starting hitting several retail outlets of Apple. Mac Rumors make use of the iStockNow that shows the availability of the new iPhone 7 and the 7 is based on the models.  The jet-black version is up for grabs in a few states, such as Colorado and Nevada as well as Kansas among others.

Tracking by iStockNow

iStockNow is able to track the availability of these phones using Google Maps for providing real time information about the Apple handsets. This tracking goes even to other countries in addition to the US. According to Mac Rumors the information is possibly based on the reservation system of Apple. In addition, there is information that the 128 GB version of the phone is more popular compared to the 256 GB version.

iStockNow track availability of phones

Selling like Hotcakes

After this news, it is possible that the stocks of the jet black iPhone 7 Plus version will sell like hotcakes. Fans interested in the particular model are advised to make a reservation at the retail stores on even make an online reservation in case of buy it online.

Price Details

In case of users who don’t have information about the pricing, the iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB variant in Jet Black will cost around $869 and the 256 GB version will set the customer back by $969. The phones are available with the principal smartphone carriers in the US, namely, Sprint and AT&T as well as Verizon and T Mobile.

Direct from Apple

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus


If you do not want to go through a carrier, you can also buy the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus directly from Apple. Users can then opt for the service providers of their choice later on. They can buy it without the SIM and this could be very useful for those who have been waiting for the past few weeks to buy unlocked versions of the phones. Consumers will view the SIM free options as well as those covered by the major carriers on the online store site. They have to pay the entire retail cost of the phones in this case. It is suggested that fans act quickly in order to get this highly coveted model

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