June Security Update for the S7 and the S7 Edge from Verizon

Verizon S7

Verizon has begun rolling out its June security update for the S7 and the S7 Edge devices in its network. This update brings the version to G930VVRU2APE1.

The site claims that the new update offers the latest security patch of Android on the device. As usual, it might take some time for the OTA notifications to appear on all devices. Those who are impatient to receive the latest update can check up their devices manually under Settings.

21 Security Patches

The new update offers patches for twenty-one vulnerabilities related to security, which ranges from the more critical ones to the moderately critical one. Google states that the more critical problem is one that can make possible a remote execution of the code in affected devices. This security breach could occur in several ways, namely, emails or web browsing and even through MMS while processing a media file. However, there are no reports of any device being exploited in this way as the regular security protection, such as SafetyNet, keeps the risk quite low.

Why Update

It is important to update your device to the latest version, as issue exploitation is made more remote or unlikely when you have a newer version of Android on your device. All users must update to this latest version as soon as possible.  Before starting to download the latest update, you must ensure that the device is connected to the Wi Fi network or Verizon mobile network. In addition, ensure that the battery is fully charged prior to downloading or installing the update. An OTA update is offered in waves, so it might be a few days before all devices get the notification.

Verizon S7 Edge

Samsung Jumps the Gun

Samsung seems to be regularly in the habit of issuing Android updates to its devices as soon as possible. The S7 and the S7 Edge are among the first ones to receive the June update. The company was also early for the April update in case of the S7 Edge in the March update in Korea, pushing its update even before the end of the month. In another case, the S7 Edge had got the security update for the month of May through the Orange network prior to the month being up.

Monthly Updates for Security

Monthly updates are released in order to keep Android as safe as possible and not have to wait for the point releases. These security patches are released on a monthly basis, as there are inherent delays in point releases when an Android update filters through a manufacturer and the carrier. Due to this, the end user might be left vulnerable for many months. Google has, therefore, begun to release security patches on a monthly basis to resolve this problem and Samsung seems to have kept up very well with the distribution of the patches.

Update for Other Devices

It is possible that many other operators will also release this update very soon. Samsung will also release the update to its other devices within the next few weeks, as it has a lineup of phones and tablets.

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