Kia Performance Car Teased in New Video

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Kia is excited to launch their new performance variant car at the American International Auto Show scheduled to take place at Detroit in January.

The performance driven variant should allow Kia to reach great heights and compete with other luxury automobile manufacturers in the industry. The company has launched a teaser website where they have promised to roll out new videos, pictures and lots of interesting content before the big reveal. With a whole month to go, we can expect some enticing content from Kia in the following weeks.

Kia Performance Car Teaser

The auto brand has added that the car will be revealed the night before the 2017 Detroit Motor Show commences. Companies like Ferrari, Porsche and Mercedes usually stay on top of the lineup with groundbreaking performance cars. They usually renew them every year with better, tweaked engines and increase their overall horsepower. Customers are always looking forward to those minor updates but Kia doesn’t belong in the category so far. The brand is keen on plunging into the premium category. They already launched models like the Optima and Sportage to showcase their objective.

“The potential for the curve is high and it’s about being able to consume the straight and clip the apex. The goal is to be able to take on twists and turns with progressive design, high speed and agility,” reads a statement made by the developers on their official website. The teaser site shows how committed the team is to bringing Kia to the mainstream market where they can make both budget friendly cars and high performance horsepower driven machines.

A brand new teaser video is now available on the site. You can watch it in the link where the performance Kia car is driven along the famous Nurburgring track. Bringing any car to this track is no easy feat because it holds the record for witnessing some of the history changing models in the past. If Kia is confident enough to launch their first teaser video with their car being driven here, they are obviously confident of what their creation could deliver.

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The information with regards to the Kia performance model is limited at the moment. We don’t know how it will look, the powertrain or the overall output of this unnamed car. But, they have surely got the attention of enthusiasts already which is a good start by all means. They will reveal more info throughout the month of December.

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