Late Valentine’s Day Tech Deals Below $20

Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day came and passed. It is, however, not too late to express your love to the dear one(s) in your life with gifts.

Valentine’s Day marks another special moment where people share gifts and memorable moments with those that they love. For a long time, flowers, chocolates, and candies have been the usual known-gifts associated with Valentine’s Day.

You can as well surprise your loved one with other special gifts such as devices. The ever demanding tech society that we currently are part of requires that you be equipped with certain helpful gadgets. You can get your loved one a tech gift that is as low as $20 and make him or her happy. Such a gift will also create perfect memory since your loved one will live to use and see it and definitely visualize your love!

Ultra-Light Wood In-ear Hi-Fi headphones

Using the promo code RJTBWOUQ, you can get the Inateck Wood In-ear noise-isolating headphones from Amazon at $12.99. This device is made from zebra wood thus producing natural high-quality sound. The Wood in-ear noise-isolating earphones work with various smartphones, PCs and also tablets. At the quoted price, you can make the significant person in your life really happy with this gadget even after Valentine’s Day has passed.

Wireless Presenter/ Pointer Pen

A loved one with a lot of presentations to make either at school or work would surely appreciate a wireless presentation pointer pen. Also available on Amazon for less than $20, the 2.4 GHz Wireless Presentation Pointer Pen Air Mouse will be a perfect gift for the person you love. Using the promotion code RWACABWD, you will get this device at a $3 discount-price.

Valentine's day

Wireless Bluetooth keyboard

Supporting Windows, iOS and Android devices, stainless steel wireless Bluetooth portable keyboard is also another affordable gift worth giving your loved one during this month of love. Amazon offers this keyboard with $8 discount using the promo code G6NEE6JC. This keyboard has a QWERTY layout having customized hot keys for the mentioned devices, Bluetooth-enabled, low-noise optimized and with a very beautiful design.

Aries wood in-ear headphones

With an inline microphone, the Aries wood in-ear earphones are designed in such a way that noise is isolated in the delivery of quality sound. The device supports hands-free calls on your device. Aries wood in-ear headphones have a button for answering/rejecting calls, playing and switching songs that are on your device’s playlist. With the promo code E3IJZSWN, you get this device at a $5-off price that is below $20.

Remember that by February 16, Amazon will close these deals; it is not too late to give your loved one a worth-memorable gift despite Valentine’s Day passing away. It will still count; hurry and get your special one a gift.


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