Latest Apple iPhone 7 Plus Leaks and Rumors – Here’s What We Know

iPhone 7 Plus

Apple will be releasing the new flagship iPhone 7 Plus in September and when this comes, expect to see a device that is packed with solid specs that represent a massive upgrade from its predecessors.

However, don’t get your expectations too high as the iPhone 7 Plus will probably not carry enough ghee to make current iPhone 6S Plus owners make a switch. However, it will be different, with two key features coming into play. Let’s take a look at what the rumor mill has to say about the upcoming phablet.

No significant design changes

Apple has been coming in with incremental design changes right from the releases of iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, and iPhone 6/6S. Things took a different turn in 2014 when a larger iPhone 6 Plus was introduced and the standard 4-inch screen sizes shifted to 4.7 inches. The larger iPhone 6 Plus was slightly upgraded with the release of the iPhone 6S Plus, with nothing much being changed in terms of design. As it seems, the major changes will be happening under the hood, with the revolutionary design technologies being reserved for 2017, supposedly to mark the iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

As for the major differences that will come in with the iPhone 7 Plus, it begins with the 3.5mm headphone jack. This seems to be happening, with some leaked iPhone 7 cases showing that there is no space left out for the headphone jack. What this means is that buyers of the new iPhone will be left with the option to use wireless headphones or wired headphones via the lightning port. Alternatively, one will have to carry around a converter in order to use their standard 3.5mm headphones on the new phone.

While dropping the 3.5mm headphone jack might not play out right for Apple, adding a dual-lens camera setup to the iPhone 7 Plus might just be the game changer. With such a camera setup on this device, users will be promised of a phone that is capable of great photography even when in low-light, offers great depth analysis in a bid to enhance post-processing of images as well as providing varied zoom levels. Samsung Galaxy S7 has already been crowned the king of smartphone photography, but with this kind of hardware and software combination, iPhone 7 Plus might just stand a chance of beating the Korean tech giant in this category.

Last but not least, Apple is rumored to be working on introducing the Smart Connector that is currently exclusive to the iPad Pro to the new iPhone when it is released. This feature allows easy connection of peripherals without the need of using the lightning port, thus allowing for further accessories to be added via this port.

iPhone 7 Plus

The WWDC 2016 starts today and it is during this event that we expect to see the 10th version of iOS unveiled. This is the same OS expected to power the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus and it will be coming in with lots of new features and improvements from the current iOS 9. Security is one area that Cupertino is expected to tackle seriously in the new release, especially following the FBI’s actions with respect to iPhone’s encryption.

Apple is also expected to come in with a new A10 SoC for the iPhone 7 Plus, a chipset that is not only expected to be a faster performer than the A9, but also to get better at battery management. Apple might also be considerate enough to throw in a RAM of 3GB for this model.

When compared to the standard iPhone 7, the phablet variant offers substantial upgrades as compared to last year’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. This easily makes it the more exciting option of the two phones, but for those who are not blessed with huge hands, the smaller iPhone 7 will still be a great offering if what is contained in the leaks, speculations, and rumors is really going to materialize.

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