Latest Dota 2 6.88e Update Nerfs Axe, Drow, Juggernaut and More

Dota 2 Update

If you are planning to jump into a game of Dota 2, be prepared to face the fact that your favorite hero could be nerfed with the new 6.88e update.

Valve opined that a lot of heroes were overpowered and it is tough to understand how all of them could be so powerful that they have to be nerfed in one clean sweep. Every popular character including Drow Ranger, Axe, Outworld Devourer, Juggernaut among many others were reduced in terms of power. The list is really long and might put off a lot of players from getting into the game again.

Dota 2 6.88e

After all, with the new update Axe’s most powerful passive counter helix has been reduced to 75 damage from the original 90. However, the developers have kept the final damage at 180 making it possible to have a decent late game. Similarly, Drow Ranger has her base damage reduced by 4 while Outworld Devourer’s armor is reduced by 1.5.

Intelligence gain capability of Morphling is reduced from 1.5 to 1.1 and Juggernaut now has its initial damage reduced by 2. Phantom Assassin’s stifling dagger range is nerfed to 825 radius while Riki’s smoke screen has been reduced to 19. Keeper of Light now has to spend more mana in order to use his manaleak ability.

Sand King, a hero known for his quick movement now has his movement speed reduced by 5 and Timbersaw, a tank got his strength reduced by 1. The entire list can be found in the official Dota 2 blog. The developers didn’t take much time to introduce this new update and it may imbalance the game to a good extent. They may also be forced to make some changes and take back some of these modifications in later update.

Dota 2 Update

It’s all about nerfing heroes and then bringing them back in Dota 2. For players, this might take some time to get settled down as a huge list of heroes are now less powerful than they used to be in the initial stages of the game. Some are not happy as it is evident from the comment’s section in social media websites.

Valve is also about to roll out a new hero Monkey King before the end of this year. When they do so, there will be more changes to the game as part of the update. Stay tuned and we will let you know as another major update is rolled out.

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