Latest Google Hangouts 16 Update gets rid of the Contacts button, but improves search results

Google Hangouts on Project Fi

Google Hangouts has a new update that brings version 16 and with it, like other app updates, get ready to meet some changes.

One major change that will greet you right from the start is the missing Contacts options that lived in the side menu. In addition to this, the new Google Hangouts 16 also comes with some tweaks that enhance the way search results are displayed. As usual, the update also comes with a bunch of bug fixes to issues found in the previous version 15.

Earlier this week, Google Hangouts version 16 started rolling out to the public. It is possible that not everyone has already received this update, but don’t fret, it will soon be ready for download on your phone as well. Once it is there, you’ll notice that the Contacts option is no longer available in the navigation. This doesn’t mean that you’ll find it somewhere else within the app – No – it’s gone for good!

You will be able to see recent chats on the main screen while finding a contact is just a button away – hit the plus button located at the bottom right.

Google Hangouts 16

For those who have had a hard time when trying to find the right contact as quickly as possible, the updated Google Hangouts 16 is here to solve this. According to the search engine giant, this new version is designed to make your life easier when it comes to finding “the right contacts quickly”. In the previous version, searching a contact in Hangouts would display results in two groups – Frequent and Your Contacts. However, the new version splits Your Contacts section into two – On Hangouts and Not on Hangouts. This way, if a contact is already On Hangouts, their details won’t show up again in Frequent, which was the case before this update.

As noted earlier, this update will be rolling out gradually and as such, not everyone will be able to get it at once. If you want it now, there is room to grab an APK version of the same via the official APK Mirror website.

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