Latest Google Maps Update Lets the App Remember and Share your Parking Location

Google Maps

Google Maps for iOS and Android has received a very important update, especially for those who tend to be forgetful. From now henceforth, users of this mapping application will no longer be obligated to remember where they parked their cars, instead, Google Maps will get the job done for you.

Apple has been throwing in regular updates to its own mapping application, but today, many iOS users still depend on Google Maps for their day to day location services. In order to ensure that many more people keep coming on board, like Apple, Google keeps updating the Maps app with new features and the latest makes it even better.

As long as you have Google Maps installed on your iOS or Android phone, the app will remind you exactly where your car is despite how large the parking lot is. You might be in a rush to go somewhere and when you leave your car in any space that you find open, it becomes another hard task finding it when done with your meeting, for instance. It gets even worse when you come back later, only to find lots of other cars parked in the same space. You’ve probably been here, haven’t you?

Well, Google and its mapping application wants you to suffer no more. All you need is to park your car, open the Google Maps app and hit the blue dot that shows your current location on the map. Here, go ahead and choose “Set as parking location” for iOS users and “Save your parking” for those on Android. When you leave your office after having a very long day, this feature will definitely make it a lot easier when it comes to finding your car.

Google Maps

It gets even better as you can not only use the updated Google Maps app to find the location of your car, but also share this location with someone who’s probably trying to find you. Furthermore, the app will also let you view photos of the parking lot as well as add notes that will aid in easing the process of locating your car.

For those on iOS, you only need to connect your iPhone to your car via USB or even Bluetooth. After this, Google Maps will remember your parking location automatically even after you disconnect the phone and exit the car. You can visit the official Google Play Store or iTunes App Store to grab the latest version of the mapping application.