Latest OnePlus 5 Leaks Reveal a Surprise Design Change and Default Wallpaper with no App Drawer

OnePlus 5

With each passing day, details about OnePlus 5 get more interesting and twisted at the same time. We’ve seen plenty of leaks and rumors regarding the phone and while some of them can be trusted since they come from OnePlus or people directly affiliated to the OEM, others are hard to believe.

Previous OnePlus 5 leaks have given us an insight into what the company could be working on. So far, we are dead confident that the phone will ship with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and at least 6GB of RAM. It’s also possible that a 64GB storage will be available alongside a bigger 128GB variant, but we’ve also heard rumors of a massive 8GB RAM and 256GB storage variant.

The same rumors have also claimed that OnePlus 5 will ship with a dual-lens camera on the back, just like a number of OEMs are already doing. What we know is that whatever camera the phone will come with will be designed in conjunction with industry experts DxOMark, but so far, there’s are mixed details regarding the arrangement of the two lenses.

Where some leaks have been strong proponents of the vertical design that you see on the likes of Huawei Mate 9, it is now emerging that the OnePlus 5 may come with a horizontal setup that resembles the likes of iPhone 7 Plus and Xiaomi Mi 6. The newly leaked image also suggests this phone will come with a two-tone design.

OnePlus 5

In a separate leak, an alleged screenshot of the default OnePlus 5 wallpaper has appeared online. Apparently, the phone might come without an app drawer, with the main home screen having reserved space for up to nine favorite app icons, with the rest appearing on other screens that are accessible via swiping left.

If you are a fan of the app drawer, there’s little to worry about, though. When OxygenOS 4.0 came to life, OnePlus 3 and 3T users were able to enjoy two kinds of display setups. The one in the leaked OnePlus 5 wallpaper is the simplified layout, but there’s a standard layout that also includes the app drawer on the home screen. In short, you can expect to have both setups on the phone when it launches later this month, at least according to rumors.

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