Latest OnePlus 5T report shows that OnePlus only cares about what customers want

OnePlus 5T

We know that OnePlus has plans to unveil an all-new OnePlus 5T, a phone that will introduce the Chinese OEM’s ever-growing fan base to the new world of bezel-less smartphones.

It sounds strange that OnePlus is set to make such a massive design change only a few months after implementing new design changes to the OnePlus 5. While the latter has a few construction similarities with the OnePlus 3T, there’s a new dual-lens camera on the back that gives the 5 an all-new look and feel.

The OnePlus 3T had the same design language as the original 3, but the internals are a little different. As for the OnePlus 5T, the internals will remain the same as the OG 5, but we are looking at a new design language with an 18:9 aspect ratio, same as the LG G6 and LG V30, among other flagships.

Take a look at any smartphone forums and you’ll notice the growing love for thinner or no bezels on smartphones. Given that many OEMs are diving into this craze as a way to show their fans that they are listening, OnePlus is, in fact, listening even more. According to the latest report, the upcoming OnePlus 5T will keep one of the most important features of any smartphone – the 3.5mm audio jack.

Despite the cries of many that the 3.5mm audio jack keeps its place on the Google Pixel 2 phones, the search giant did not listen. Apple fans complained for months and now that the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are here without the 3.5mm audio jack, they have resolved to move on. HTC, Motorola, Xiaomi and many others are also taking down this path, but OnePlus says the 5T will stick to this endangered feature.

For how long this will go on, though, is still unknown. Remember Google was quick to throw a jibe at Apple when it launched the Google Pixel with a 3.5mm audio jack, but a year later, the Pixel 2s don’t have the feature. In short, enjoy it while it lasts, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the OnePlus 6 came without the headphone jack.


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