Latest Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumor: Android Phone with Desktop Connectivity Spotted in a Leaked Slide

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the flagship phone which aims to adopt the Continuum style by recreating the Android OS for the full extended desktop experience.

From a simple perspective, according to the leaked image Samsung’s new flagship phone can be connected to your monitor or television at home to turn it into a desktop. Such an idea is considered highly experimental as most smartphone manufacturers will focus on making the best within the limited screen size. Creating a desktop using a mobile platform is no easy task. Microsoft tried it in Windows 8 and failed miserably before they managed to find the right balance between a conventional desktop and a touchscreen display.

Continuum for Windows 10 mobile achieved the feat to a certain extent. It allowed users to connect their smartphone to any display and turn it into a Windows PC. The Samsung Desktop Experience as mentioned in the image is a service that allows multi-tasking, external monitor compatibility and can even be used with a keyboard and mouse.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The entire claim sounds quite high for the Galaxy S8 phone to achieve even though it will be a flagship device with state-of-the-art processor, higher RAM capacity and computing power. Samsung already has plans to introduce Touchwiz but it looks like they are going to appease to both types of users. One of the service will focus on delivering the mobile experience while the second mode will detect the type of display connected using the Type C cable. If it is a monitor, the multi-window desktop mode will automatically be triggered.

Using a keyboard and mouse with the desktop setup is done using Bluetooth connectivity. Windows 10 mobile might get it perfect the first time because of their association with the Windows operating system. The Continuum multi-window will be available on launch on these smartphones. They are scheduled to be shipped in the month of April this year.

A report from All About Windows Phone confirmed that users should probably not get too hyped about this service. It might take some time for Samsung to actually offer the service and the complete OS experience. They are still in their early stages of implementing it and there will be plenty of practical difficulties associated with allowing multiple apps or software programs to run at the same time. When the Samsung Galaxy S8 is available in stores, we can review and confirm if it works as good or maybe this could be a simple gimmick feature among many others in the flagship model.

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