Latest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks Every User Should Know


Facebook is the most popular social networking platform with over 1.6 billion monthly active users. The company also owns WhatsApp, an app that boasts a user base of over 1 billion people.

What makes this app this popular is the fact that it is extremely simple to download, install and use. Still, there are quite a number of extra tips and tricks you could do with in order to make the most out of this chat app.

Text formatting

WhatsApp has a way of tinkering with the format of the text when chatting with friends. This involves things such as bolding, italicizing and striking through texts by using asterisks, underscores, and tildes, respectively. These special characters must be applied before and after the text that you need to bold, italicize or strike through.

Quote or reply directly to a certain message in a group chat

WhatsApp supports group chats of up to 256 people. Messages in such a group can be long and at times, different sets of people can hold different conversations inside a single group – weird but it happens. In such a case, you may want to reply to a specific message in the group chat or still, quote this message alongside your intended message.

All you need is to long-press the message and an option bar will show up at the top. Tap on the “Reply” option and this message will be sent alongside your respond. Cool huh!

Mute group notifications and customize alerts

WhatsApp gives users room to play around with their notification sounds. First, you can disable the sound in group chats as well as customize the same sounds to what suits you best. To mute notification sounds, tap on the name of the group and hit Mute. Follow suit by selecting the duration you want to mute the sounds of the group and that’s it.

As far as sound customization is concerned, hit on the name of the group and select Custom Notifications. Go ahead and choose the one that is best for you.

Share your location, contact and media files

WhatsApp allows users to share different file formats. These include audio, video, photos as well as different document file formats. In addition to these, you can easily share your current location with a friend or even send a contact to someone else via the same platform.

WhatsApp Update

Doing this is very easy. All you need is to tap on the clip button at the top right of your Android phone in an open group. From there, proceed and attach the files you want. Remember, this cannot exceed 16MB. The good thing is that WhatsApp also allows direct sharing of documents stored in cloud platforms such as iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Check out who read your messages

WhatsApp lets you check out who has actually read your messages, be it in a private chat or group chat. To do this, simply long press on the message you sent and an info button will show up on the top bar. Hit this button and a list of all those who have seen the message will show up. Two checkmarks (gray) mean the message is delivered. Upon turning blue, it means the message has been read.

While it is possible to prevent other people from knowing if you’ve read their messages, this can only be done in private chats and not group chats. To access this option, go to Account settings and uncheck the box against the Read receipts option.

This is also the same page where you can adjust your last seen settings such that no one is able to tell when you last logged in to WhatsApp.

Prevent auto-download of photos

WhatsApp allows users to share up to 10 photos in a single message. It is possible that you receive hundreds of these in a single day. To ensure that they don’t download automatically when they are received, go to Settings>Data usage>Media Auto-Download. Under this section, you can uncheck all the options to prevent any auto-downloads. Still, you are warned that voice messages will be auto-downloaded for a better communication experience.

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