Latest Windows 10 Update Lets You Power off PC Using Your Voice

Microsoft Windows 10

In the latest version of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build, Microsoft is giving Cortana more uses. The digital assistant can now listen and understand when you ask her to shut down your PC using your voice.

The Redmond Company came in with Windows 10 Build 14986 this week, but not every member of the Insider Program is able to access the new build. Nonetheless, those who have can attest that Microsoft is indeed making steps towards making the new OS the best there is out there.

After the update, Windows 10 users will now be able to lock, shut down as well as restart their PCs using the digital assistant. In fact, the new update means that Cortana can do more than she used to before, be it better control of your playlists, enhanced gaming support and more. Our friends from China will also be happy to learn that the new build adds better typing experience on tailored for their keyboards.

Microsoft has also upped its game in terms of control over this new update, allowing users to choose when they feel like installing it. This means that you can schedule the update to happen at a time you feel is convenient for you and your machine. Presumably, these updates should be ready for the Redstone 2 update that will come in spring 2017.

The updated Windows 10 has given more freedom to Cortana. Unlike before, you can access the digital assistant even when the screen or computer is locked. This means that you not only get to use Cortana when the PC is in active use but also when it is locked. Cortana can now understand when asked to pause or start playback, adjust volume levels as well as access other apps besides Groove Music.

Windows 10

As far as the PC shut down update is concerned, it is still unclear how Microsoft will go about it. Of course, the digital assistant will understand some phrase and carry on with shutting down the PC, but there is no word on what Microsoft will choose as the phrase to issue this command. When Microsoft will make this feature available to users of Windows 10 build is still unclear, but be sure that the stable release of Redstone 2 will come with a smarter Cortana.

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