League of Legends Reimagined As An Anime In New Trailer

League of Legends

League of Legends has a massive fan following with over fifty million players around the globe.

It is favored against Dota 2 for balancing serious MOBA elements with an easier learning curve.

The game was inspired heavily by Valve’s Defense of the Ancient also known as Dota. All the heroes, characters and gameplay style were literally picked up from the original game. However, the developer team which worked on League of Legends ensured that they removed some of the difficult unforgiving aspects of the original game. It made LOL more popular than its earlier version and led to millions downloading it worldwide.

Being a free to play title, it became the most preferred choice in gaming cafes and internet centers. Besides, the simple graphics ensured players don’t need a huge PC and graphics card to run it at decent settings. There are plenty of heroes in League of Legends. Many of them have an amazing backstory and there is fan made as well as official videos available online. A random user named desusite has somehow managed to bring them all together into one amazing trailer.

League of Legends Reimagined As An Anime

Instead of going the usual route, the video editor picked all the best CG trailers of LOL and put it together in anime format. Fans who enjoy anime series like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto among hundreds of others actually know how these trailers look with a Japanese song in the background. Desusite followed the same route and picked all the best hero videos from League of Legends to put into one amazing anime trailer.

At the moment, there is only one video available but it looks so good that we couldn’t wait for more such trailers. Some League of Legends fans are not so happy with the anime trailer because they opine that it is the same game videos which has an anime background music and doesn’t have anything noteworthy to see. Others seem to enjoy the video. It is purely a personal preference and if you like, you can let it know in the comments section.

Will this inspire more video developers to come up with anime trailers for DOTA 2, Overwatch or Heroes of the Storm? We can’t confirm yet but it sure is a different experience compared to the familiar trailer cuts. Check it out and let us know what you feel about the editing and the way the user has presented LOL in a new perspective.

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