Leaked Galaxy Note 7 Front Panel Points at an Iris Scanning Feature

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

After Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Samsung’s attention has now turned to the Galaxy Note 7. Things have been said about what to expect when this phone is released, but none of them have been confirmed by the South Korean tech giant.

Through leaks and speculations from renowned figures in this industry, we now have a confirmed release date for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The phone is expected to be here exactly a month from now, but the official sales won’t begin until a few weeks later, probably two or even less.

And while this release date is still a speculation, more of these are just coming in with the latest giving us a highlight of what specifications to expect on this phablet. Rumors have been rife that Samsung will debut an iris scanner with the Note 7 before it proceeds with using the feature on next year’s Galaxy S8, just like it has done before. Now, there is a new leak that tends to agree with these rumors. In the leak, there is an image of a Galaxy Note 7 handset with iris scanning technology on the front panel.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In addition to leaking out the iris scanning details, the image also shows that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will add an extra 0.1 inches to its display size, thus moving to a 5.8-inch screen. It gets even better as the renders clearly show that the next Note will have a curved dual edge screen, just like what the Galaxy S7 Edge carries.

A look at the front panel of the leaked Galaxy Note 7 render against the 2015 Galaxy Note 5 reveals quite a number of differences. There are additional cutouts right above the display, which is where the iris scanner will actually be located. This, however, doesn’t rule out the addition of the fingerprint scanner. If anything, the Note 7 will have enough options for protecting your data, be it via a passcode, fingerprint or iris scanning technology.

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