Leaked Photos Suggest Lenovo is Working on a Refreshed Moto Droid Series

Moto Droid series

Lenovo is the current owner of the Motorola brand and apparently, the company is looking to come in with a refreshed Moto Droid series to follow up the recently-launched Moto G4 series.

Just recently, the company announced two smartphones with the names of Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus. This represents the fourth generation version of the Moto G series that was introduced a few years ago. Similarly, it seems Lenovo has begun works of refreshing the Moto Droid series.

With the company planning to hold a major event this coming month on 9th, expectations are high that there will be a new Moto Droid series announced. To even make this rumor look like a possibility, renowned leaker Evan Blass has come in with some interesting photos that suggest Lenovo is indeed working on refreshing the Droid phones.

Through his Twitter account, Blass showcased photos of what he believes are the upcoming line up of Moto Droid series. Just by looking at the images, there is no doubt that Lenovo is up to something really interesting.

There have been rumors Lenovo will be replacing the Moto X series with a new Moto Z series. Well, these are just rumors, however, they included images of the new Moto Z series that actually resembles the newly leaked Moto Droid series. If you are keen enough, the only difference you will notice between the two sets of leaks is that the Moto Droid series has a “Droid” branding just below the rear lens whereas the Moto Z series has the “Moto” branding at the same place.

Moto Droid series

While the leaked Moto Droid series images are probably not the end product, we’ll probably see a Verizon branding on the released phones. This is true because this series has always been exclusive to the carrier and this year’s release will not be an exception.

There is also a list of Moto Z series accessories known as MotoMods that was leaked by the same Evan Blass. Don’t be surprised if you find the same accessories working perfectly with the new Moto Droid series. It seems LG opened the way for many OEMs with its new modular G5 handset. Apparently, the MotoMods, which includes things like a projector, Hasselblad add-on camera, and JBL speakers, will easily be attached to the phone to add new functionality.

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