Leaked Pictures of Moto G4 Suggest Fingerprint Sensor and Improved Camera

Moto G4

After successful iterations of the Moto G, Motorola looks all set to come out with the Moto G4.

New leaked pictures of the mid-range smartphone from Motorola have revealed the use of fingerprint readers and an improved camera. The third generation of the Moto G has set the sales charts on fire. It is a tremendous improvement over its predecessor in every aspect, from the display to the processor. It may be tough for Motorola to match a similar percentage of improvement in the upcoming fourth generation, but the leaked pictures suggest a promising phone nonetheless.

The Moto G third edition came into the market after a series of slow leaks. This could be the case with the fourth generation as well. The leaked picture may not show the entire device, but it has enough detail to suggest that the Moto G will offer a fingerprint sensor. This should take advantage of Android increasing its support for fingerprint sensors in recent updates. Phones, like the Samsung Galaxy models and the iPhones use a physical home button as the fingerprint sensor.

In order to go to this philosophy, Motorola would have had to put capacitive buttons on either side of the physical home button. This has not been the American giant’s philosophy when it comes to mid-range smartphone devices. Hence, they are expected to continue with on-screen buttons, thus leaving the fingerprint sensor for its only work.

Moto G4 2016

The third-generation model came with a 13-megapixel rear camera while the front facing camera was five megapixels. The details about the camera are not available just yet, but there is every possibility of this camera being retained. However, there will be improvements along the way with those likely pictures suggesting the potential presence of laser autofocus. Seen only on high-end phones up until now, laser autofocus allows for extremely quick focus.

Motorola has been constantly pushing their low-end devices with larger displays. Despite being a sub $300 phone, the Moto G third edition comes with decent specifications like a 5-inch screen and 720p resolution. One can expect the 1080p display to become a standard fare on the upcoming Moto G. The base internal memory available on the phone could be improved from 8 GB to 16 GB as standard. The 8 GB version could be phased out.

The Moto G fourth edition is unlikely to be available before July 2016.

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