Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, X1 Yoga and X1 Tablet – Specs, Price and More from CES 2017

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon

At CES 2017, Lenovo ThinkPad 2017 lineup of ultraportable laptops including the X1 Carbon, Yoga and a tablet were launched.

The computer brand is expanding its series with more powerful machines designed to be next gen. The team now offers laptops that have longer battery life, better performance and is packed in a slim profile. The pricing will play a major role as it sounds quite affordable compared to any Apple product that offers similar specifications. The new X1 Carbon is 2.5 pounds which is slightly lighter than previous model. It has a 14-inch display encased by a durable 13-inch carbon fiber body and runs truly next gen Kaby Lake processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE modem.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon

Lenovo promised that the new Carbon can run 15.5 hours which is quite high compared to its processing power and the lightweight design. Other features in this model includes fingerprint sensor, IR camera and Thunderbolt 3. There’s more to it and we will know them when it gets launched in February with a price tag of $1,349.

Next in the Lenovo ThinkPad line is the 2017 X1 Yoga with a 14-inch OLED display, Intel Iris graphics, ThinkPad Pen Pro. The model runs on Windows 10 operating system and can readily be converted into a tablet or a laptop as required. Microsoft Precision Trackpad is integrated in this model for improved accuracy. The Pen now has much better friction for precise use on the screen and has a revised elastomer tip for better grip. It costs $1,499 and will be available in stores next month.

The third one is the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 tablet which is another hybrid device with port expansions. Users will be able to increase the battery life of the device by 5 hours, if they connect an external battery to it. It has an integrated projector and according to the manufacturer, offers wide range of docking options like no other device. It is the cheapest device of them all introduced at CES 2017 and will set you back by $949. The tablet will be available in stores in the month of March.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Tablet

In the past, the company has sold a lot of ThinkPad laptops to business users and expect to increase sales this year, reports The Verge. It is designed for business focused customers and the lightweight body with increased battery is expected to be really appealing to them this year.

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