Lenovo’s Moto X (2016) could Feature a Modular Design like the LG G5

Moto X 2016

LG surprised many when it unveiled the G5 featuring a modular design. However, it seems the South Korean tech giant was only setting the stage rolling for other players to come in with much better offerings.

According to the latest reports, the next Moto X by Lenovo will possibly feature the same modular design as the G5, however, the same report claims that the Moto X might come with more options than what the LG Friends offer.

These are big plans for the Chinese company as it looks to revive the dwindling Motorola brand it bought about two years ago. In fact, it is thought that the company is working on two Moto X smartphones with a modular design, but the OEM has not been vocal about any of this. It will be great for Lenovo to come in with add-ons that can be used to add more functionality to devices that are already very powerful.

A different approach for the Moto X

According to popular leaker Evan Blass, the new Moto X and its modular design will work slightly different from the usual thing with the LG G5. Rather than have the accessories sliding into the bottom of the device, the Lenovo will instead include modular backplates on the next Motorola flagships.

Once this design is included, it is thought that the huge camera bump will remain flush with the different backplates available. The rear of each phone has a small patch of circles which happen to be magnetic pins that serve as the link between the Moto X and what the company terms as “Amps” – the equivalent of LG Friends.

Moto X 2016

At the time of this writing, there are reportedly six Amps in the making. The six include stereo speakers, extended battery pack, pico projector as well as a camera grip, among others. Even without going any further with the list, the Moto X already boasts of more accessories than the LG G5. It gets even worse for the G5 as it only has the camera grip to pick from as far as the U.S. is concerned.

If all goes according to plan, the new Moto X smartphones will be here in early June when Lenovo will be holding its Tech World 2016 event. While there is little-to-no information known about the forthcoming Moto X, we expect to see the Chinese company pick up from where the previous version left off, bumping up the features and hardware specs as well as opening up new functionality.

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