Lexus Unveils Spaceship Like Dashboard for UX Concept Car

Lexus UX

Proposing luxuriously beautiful and insanely powerful interiors is something car manufacturers love.

The new interiors proposed for the UX concept by Lexus looks more like a Star Trek spaceship than an actual car.

Lexus UX Interior

It may not be surprising if these kinds of dashboards find their way in future cars. After all, every top auto brand is working towards introducing electric motors and autonomous driving capabilities. When a car can help you reach the destination on its own, the next logical step is to remove the steering wheel and bring new features in the spot. It includes an on-the-go workstation, touch controls and probably voice commands with augmented reality screen in the front.

The Lexus UX concept dashboard fits the description. The company has launched images of their proposed design just a week before the big reveal at the 2016 Paris auto expo. The interiors are designed in multiple layers, allowing the functions and controls to pop out. Instead of using touchscreen, which is so old school now, Lexus has gone for a hologram structure which has the air conditioning controls as well as the infotainment system.

According to their vision, gear is still controlled using switches to allow the driver to experience some sense of touch instead of making all of them into holographic lights. The car is equipped with e-cameras which project more holographic images that show how the sides and exterior of the car looks like. For those who have seen the Bond movie Die Another Day, this should be a familiar concept. Instead of making the car invisible, it displays content in a way that makes it look as if it is happening on the side.

“Our goal is to create something that looks entirely new for the customer. The innovative, three-dimensional user experience will make driving fun. At the same time, they will be able to get all the information that is required on the go, at a glance,” said Stephan Rasmussen, lead designer at the European Design Center.

Lexus UX

The size of the car is visible in the pictures revealed and it may be smaller than the Lexus NX. The UX concept is yet to be approved by the people at Lexus. When they do, it will compete against the upcoming Toyota C-HR small crossover. These crossovers are all the rage because of their compact appearance yet spacious interiors made to offer comfortable seating for all passengers on-board.

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