LG Aims a Jibe at the Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with Clever SMS

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung troubles with the Galaxy Note 7 seem to be set to go on for the foreseeable future as a new report involving an incident where the phone caught fire when inside a Southwest Airlines plane has surfaced.

Apparently, the phone was purchased from AT&T on September 21st and it has been confirmed as a safe Galaxy Note 7. This means that the phone’s exploding issue has been taken care of. But apparently, even the units labeled as “Safe” or rather the replacement units are still having the same issue that led to the massive recall.

With Samsung supposedly having a nonstop nightmare regarding a device that was meant to carry on with the great performances of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge in the smartphone market, LG, the company’s local and international competitor, seems to be enjoying the woes being experienced by its counterpart.

LG has the V20 in the market and even though it has yet to reach all markets across the planet, the company is using this opportunity to market its smartphones to the Indian market. According to the new report, the South Korean tech giant has been sending out messages to consumers in India, urging them to keep off the exploding products from Samsung and instead buy an LG phone. The messages are being sent to wireless subscribers and they are basically meant to hurt Samsung’s presence in the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In the message, LG is clear that its products, unlike Samsung’s, go through multiple tests so as to make sure that the company’s most valuable asset – the customer – is always safe. “Have a safe Diwali with LG,” the message concludes.

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus and the recently unveiled Google Pixel XL had been tipped as the major beneficiaries of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 problems. But it seems LG wants a share of the market as well. It should turn out to be an interesting year, but Samsung will be looking for answers from almost every corner and it could probably come back stronger with the 2017 Galaxy S8.

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