LG Display Pumps $4.3B into OLED Business in order to meet Apple’s iPhone 8 Demands

LG Display

LG Display has today announced that it will be pumping a tune of up to 5 trillion Won in its OLED business as it looks to secure a major business partnership with Apple over the upcoming iPhone 8.

There have been reports that the Apple iPhone 8 will finally drop the LCD panels in favor of OLED screens, but up to now, there is no concrete word on whether LG or Samsung will be in charge of supplying the Cupertino Company with these panels. However, LG Display’s latest move seems to be an indicator that it could be planning to land a major business deal that requires it to invest more into its OLED business than its current LCD business.

According to the South Korean tech giant, OLED is the future and LCD is the present. With this investment, the company is targeting the future, especially the smartphone world, but everything begins this year, with the OEM looking to pump up to 70% of this investment into security small, mid-sized and large OLED plants in order to increase the supply of OLED panels. But LG Display notes that this changeover will happen at the expense of LCD panels, whose supply will go down over the same period.

Given that Samsung has a huge stake in the smartphone OLED display business, LG Display says that it will initially target the big-screen market. However, it will slowly expand to other smaller products sooner than later.

Apple iPhone 8 Leak

Even though LG still produces OLED display panels as at the time of this writing, it has maintained using LCD panels on its flagship phones. Whether this will change now that the company is also pushing harder into this OLED business is not known. However, it is obvious that LG’s move has a lot to do with Apple’s desire to shift from LCD panels to OLED screens when it launches the iPhone 8 later in September this year.

As for now, this is just speculation, however, we should know more about LG Display’s plans with the expansion of its OLED business as well as the Apple iPhone 8 in the coming days.

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