LG G5 has no App Drawer, But You Can Have it Back via Home 4.0 Launcher


LG G5 was officially unveiled to the public and it’s actually available for purchase. However, one thing you will miss on this 2016 LG flagship is a dedicated app drawer.

As usual with smartphone OEMs, the default Android OS comes packed with a skin running the company’s own software. While LG has always had a stock launcher on its LG G series smartphones, the LG G5 is the first to come in with the stock launcher missing the app launcher. Of course, not so many people are happy about this move and as it seems, LG is very much aware of the same.

In a bid to take care of the needs of those who fancy having an app drawer as opposed to LG’s wishes, the South Korean company showcased an alternative version of its launcher that comes with an optional app drawer. Here, however, users are required to manually enable the app drawer in order to bring it to life; otherwise, it still remains unavailable as the default option of the launcher.



According to LG, the move to withdraw the app drawer in the latest UX design is because the company found out that very many users place their apps on the home screen and rarely or don’t even use the app drawer. This is actually what Apple does with its iOS devices and in LG’s view, it helps the interface look more intuitive than before.

LG’s Home 4.0 Launcher now available for download

LG has finally availed the Home 4.0 Launcher for downloading on the newly released LG G5. The application can be downloaded from the company’s SmartWorld app store. All you need to do is search for the app by typing “Home 4.0” in the search bar. This is nothing strange, especially if you’ve had an LG smartphone before. The launcher brings back more than just the omitted app drawer to LG G5. It also adds other features such as the Holo-style widget tabs, which is contrary to the latest UX design used by the Korean tech giant.


One thing that still remains strange is why LG wouldn’t avail the Home 4.0 launcher in the Google Play Store and instead, have it hidden in SmartWorld. But still, if you love having the app drawer on your LG G5, at least, you have a way of having it back.

If the company’s Home 4.0 launcher is not your thing, there are lots of other third-party launchers available on the Google Play Store, some of which may offer even better functionality than what the in-house skin has to offer.

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