LG G5: Here are our First Impressions


LG G5 was unveiled on February 21 during an event before the Barcelona-held MWC 2016, coming in with what can be termed as a ‘modular’ phone.

Coming in to succeed last year’s G4, the new LG has made some impressive changes to this year’s model. The G5 has dropped the removable plastic parts and instead replaced it with a nifty, snap-to-open metallic design. The phone is also sleek, appealing, yet small – but it is equipped with Snap-on accessories that can make it a monster phone.

Dreams of having a modular phone on the market have been alive for quite some time now. Companies such as ZTE and Google have already tried their luck in this field, but the new LG G5 is the closest you can currently get to having a modular phone. To live up to its tag, the G5 has a removable bottom, which essentially, was included as a way of incorporating a removable battery unit in a metallic unibody.

In addition, LG also included USB Type-C technology on the G5. The removable battery unit is a massive 4,000mAh capacity and the phone also features a 32-bit DAC that has a headphone jack for high-quality audio.

Despite being the closest you can get to a modular phone, the G5 is a full modular phone – the processor is irreplaceable.

Sleek, slim and attractive

The new LG G5 is with no doubt a sleek, slim and attractive phone. The phone has a thickness of only 0.3 inches, which makes it narrower than last year’s LG G4. The display size stands at 5.3 inches, managing a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels. The IPS LCD screen comes with “Always on” technology, which means that users will always see notifications, time, date and so on. According to LG, the always on technology eats up less than 1% of the phone’s battery power in an hour.


Just like last year’s flagship, you will find the fingerprint scanner right at the back of the phone. However, the rear now looks sleeker thanks to the now moved volume buttons, which now feature on the side. LG has equipped the G5 with dual cameras, placing them just above the power button. One is a standard 16MP snapper while the other is a wide-angle 8MP snapper that manages an angle view of 135 degrees. It is possible to switch between the two via the camera app.

LG G5 comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820, a RAM of 4GB and the base model has onboard storage of 32GB. But of course, this can be expanded up to 200GB using a microSD card. The phone is powered by the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

There is no word on the pricing or official release date of the phone, but LG said that the phone will be here somewhere in April. Nonetheless, we expect it cost a little less than Samsung Galaxy S7. Expect to have the phone on all four major carriers across the country, plus US Cellular.

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