More LG G5 Issues Showing Up – Are You Affected?


LG G5 users are among the unhappiest community among other Android flagship users. While the likes of Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, and HTC 10 users have been full of praises for their handsets, those using the G5 are almost giving up on the phone as more and more problems keep showing up.

The troubled South Korean tech giant was expected to make the best out of the first modular flagship – a device that also happened to be the company’s first to come with a metallic unibody design. Announced at the MWC 2016 and released a few weeks later, those using the LG G5 have had quite a lot to deal with. Be it issues to do with GPS, speakers, the LG Friends, power button, general functionality, and so on. However, these don’t seem to be slowing down as more and more issues are being unearthed, although none of them seems prevalent.

As frustrated users flood to Reddit to air their disappointments in the LG G5, the team is working hard to ensure that any issue is well taken care of. Apparently, some users have already gone through more than two replacement cycles, yet the phone is less than half a year old.

The issues facing the LG G5 are not just related to the phone itself, but in some cases, the accessories that are meant to bring the best out of the phone end up being the main issue. It has been noted that some LG camera modules are faulty right out of the box. Other LG G5 users have also pointed out that the phone’s power button can easily break down, some come with defective speakers and in another case, the phone bootlooped for up to 12 hours when powered for the first time.


Surprisingly, one user pointed out a design defect on the LG G5, claiming that he noticed a huge gap between the chin of the phone and the body, which is an unusual thing to come from such a high-ranking smartphone maker like LG.

Whether LG has a good explanation for these shortcomings or not is still unknown, but the company is reportedly doing everything possible to see to it that any complaining customer is taken care of in the shortest time possible, the Redditors noted.

Have you experienced any issues with your LG G5? Please share with us in the comments section.

One thought on “More LG G5 Issues Showing Up – Are You Affected?”

  1. Well for me straight out of the box my volume button down does not work! Its fine to turn up but does not turn down, I do that manually in my settings! My other issue is glitches in th OS itself and the do not disturb button scared me so much one evening because my beautiful phone that I admired so much and considered to be so fortunate to have was over heating and kept powering itself off, untill finally I had enough and left it be untill the battery went dead! That was my do not disturb in settings and I had it set for never time out untill I turned it off in wich later I noticed your better to set it for a time to stop or it just might give you a hard time like it did me! So yeah im ready to throw the towel in on this phone but I’m paying on it through US Cellular and never pulled out any insurance on it! I’ve learned my lesson! But on a better note its still useable!

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