LG G5 Lite Passes TENAA Certifications – Price, Specs and Availability

LG G5 Lite

Even before LG G5 hits the stores, news of the company coming in with an LG G5 Lite, a variant of the flagship that targets the mid-range spenders, started showing up.

There is no denying that the flagship LG G5 is one of the most revolutionary smartphone LG has come out with in the recent past, especially when looking at the LG G series. The phone features a unique modular design that comes along with a group of accessories the company refers to as LG Friends. With these friends, users of the G5 will be able to augment quite a number of aspects of the device, camera and audio among them.

While this LG G5 smartphone hasn’t been officially released yet, rumor has it that the device will not be heading to other regions such as Latin America, hence the LG G5 Lite. Other than the device being released to the Latin American market, it is also believed that the G5 Lite will also be sold in China, India and other developing markets.

LG G5 Lite is a slimmed-down version of the flagship G5

Just like many other companies are reportedly working on coming in with slimmed-down versions of their flagships, LG seems to be sailing in the same boat. Rumors have been rife that Xiaomi wants to unveil a Xiaomi Mi 5 Mini, with other reports pointing towards a Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini. These rumors are getting even stronger thanks to the fact that Apple recently went back to the Mini variants by unleashing a 4-inch iPhone SE, which is basically a slimmed-down version of the iPhone 6S.

Following this trend, we expect that the LG G5 Lite will come with slimmed-down specs with respect to the flagship LG G5. As a result, this device will likely be priced much lower than the current $640 price tag slammed on the G5, hence the rumored destination markets.

LG G5 Lite

There is some good news as the LG G5 Lite seems to have passed through tests at the Chinese certification center, TENAA. What this means is that the phone is now ready for mass production and it will be announced very soon.

Expected LG G5 Lite specs

On the specs, the LG G5 Lite will come with most of what is available on the LG G5, but of course, less powerful. The latest word on the street says that the LG G5 Lite variant will carry a weaker Snapdragon 652 CPU as opposed to the Snapdragon 820 that comes with the G5. LG will also trim down the RAM by 1GB, installing 3GB of RAM on the G5 Lite. The SD652 comes with an Adreno 510 GPU, which is not that bad compared to the Adreno 530 that comes with the flagship.

Other than these, the LG G5 Lite will come with almost the same capabilities as its bigger brother. The same screen size and quality will be maintained and so will the dual-camera system of 16MP and 8MP on the rear. Expect 32GB of expandable storage in addition to a device that is powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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