LG G5 Lite to Target Select Markets with Yanked Specs

LG G5 Lite

LG G5 is to hit the market beginning this April and already preorders are underway. While this is going on, the company is prepping a lighter LG G5 Lite that is aimed at budget buyers with its tweaked specs.

LG wants to cover up the gap that Samsung has established with respect to smartphone sales. The latter dominates the mid-range market and so does the flagship market, something LG is looking to compete for on equal grounds with this addition. The G5 amazed many with its modular design, but it will definitely be in higher demand in some markets than in others, especially due to its hefty price tag.

As a result, the South Korean tech giant has resolved to a much cheaper LG G5 Lite as the best way to reach the budget customers. It won’t be the first time a company is coming in with a cheaper version of its flagship in a bid to take care of the mid-range buyers. Samsung has done it and succeeded and so has Sony. Apple did it yesterday with the launch of the iPhone SE and now LG wants to join the party with the new LG G5 Lite.

LG G5 Lite headed to the developing markets

Probably, the Lite will retain a good number of the specs carried by the flagship LG G5, apart from things like RAM and the processor, among others. Being a mini version of the flagship, this is expected in almost every department, but to keep the phone relevant, these companies usually retain some of the best specs on the devices.

LG G5 Lite

As a result, word has it that the upcoming LG G5 Lite will be equipped with the same QHD display found on the G5. In addition, the device will pack the same camera in addition to the modular experience brought in by the G5. The main change will be the replacement of the Snapdragon 820 with a slightly low-performing Snapdragon 652 and reducing the RAM by 1GB. The latter chipset is not a flagship SoC, but it rests just below the flagship level.

Even though the processor that comes with the LG G5 Lite appears less powerful when compared to the much-hyped Snapdragon 820, it still offers the best performance. Lots of the goodies available on the LG G5 will be shifted to the LG G5 Lite, along with the 32GB of expandable storage, something that is expected to make this device quite appealing to developing markets. Since it is a “mini” version of the flagship LG G5, the G5 Lite is expected to be priced lower than its counterpart.

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