LG G6 gets 32GB/128GB Storage Variants, Facial Recognition Feature, Support for Wireless Charging

LG G6, LG G6+

There have been rumors that LG is working on two more variants of the G6 and as it turns out, this was true.

The South Korean tech giant has just unveiled two new LG G6 models dubbed LG G6+ and LG G6 32GB. As you can see from the names, the two are not so different from the original G6. In fact, the only thing that separates the trio is storage space.

Where the original LG G6 came in with onboard storage of 64GB, the LG G6+ has doubled this capacity to 128GB. As you may have already guessed, the LG G6 32GB has, well, 32GB of internal storage. Each model still allows users to insert a microSD card for expanding the internal storage and in terms of specs, there are no changes at all.

The pair is still powered by the Snapdragon 821 SoC, but the LG G6+ gets an impressive 6GB as opposed to the 4GB RAM used on the standard G6. The cameras and display size remain unchanged and so does the battery capacity. However, there are a bunch of new color variants, where you’ll get the 32GB variant in Mystic White, Marine Blue and Terra Gold while the G6+ can be yours in Optical Astro Black, Optical Marine Blue and Optical Terra Gold.

In addition, there are also a few new features that the company has also introduced and they’ll be making their way to all G6 units via software updates. These include Face Print, Low Power Consumption as well as Covered Lens warning. Face Print is some kind of facial recognition technology, but LG says it’s more convenient than facial recognition.

LG G6, LG G6+

It does a similar thing – allowing users of the LG G6 handsets to unlock their phones without the need of pressing any button or using the fingerprint scanner. All you need to do is hold your phone up to your face and once the feature recognizes the registered face, the phone will be unlocked. LG says that this whole process takes less than a second. Face Print stays inactive until when the phone is raised to the face and right there it’ll enable the camera to scan your face. This should help calm down the nerves for battery-conscious users.

Even though the LG G6+ keeps the same specs as the standard G6, this phone brings you support for wireless charging as well. Also, you get B&O play bundle earphone that will take your audio experience to the next level by taking advantage of the phone’s Hi-Fi Quad DAC technology. In fact, the G6+ has a B&O logo on the back panel to distinguish it from the rest.

The LG G6 32GB and LG G6+ will start selling in South Korea as from June 27, but the price details are still unknown.


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