LG G6 Release Dates for U.S. and South Korea Confirmed


A lot has already been said about the LG G6, including the fact that the phone will be unveiled at this month’s MWC show in Barcelona, Spain.

In addition to the launch date, a new report has emerged giving us more insights into the possible release dates of the LG G6 in the U.S. as well as its local South Korean market. Once the phone is unveiled in a few weeks’ time, those in LG’s home country of Korea will not have to wait long before they can get their hands on the G6 flagship.

According to renowned leaker Evan Blass, the LG G6 will start selling in the Asian country as from March 9, about two weeks after its launch date. However, for those in the U.S., the wait will have to go on until April 7, a whole month after the phone’s availability in South Korea.

The LG G6 is the phone that is expected to save the life of the company’s G series. Over the past few years, the LG G family has grown into a very popular smartphone, however, the company took a different direction with last year’s LG G5, debuting a modular design that ended up pissing off many fans. Given that the design has been dropped, it seems the Korean company realized the huge mistake it did.

In addition to ditching the modular design, the LG G6 will also be debuting quite a number of interesting features that it hopes will bring back the lost glory of the G series. These include an all-metal design, IP68 water and dust resistance and an even larger display screen of 5.7 inches, similar to the LG V20. Despite the many goodies that are set to accompany the G6, the phone might still fail to impress many given that it will be powered by a slightly older and weaker processor from last year – the Snapdragon 821.

The new processor – Snapdragon 835 – will not be ready for the likes of LG until after Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are released. LG did not want to wait until the market gets tighter, but this might come at a huge price, especially now that the LG G6 will be available in the U.S. about a week or two earlier than the Galaxy S8 family. With the Galaxy S8 set to come in with the same screen size as the G6 but more powerful specs and a better design language, many might be willing to wait for the week or so in order to buy the S8 or S8 Plus.

Still, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 memories might still be fresh in many people’s heads, something that could also turn the tables in favor of the LG G6.

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