LG G6 to Offer Iris Scanner Just like Galaxy Note 7


The LG G5 came with a lot of hype into the smartphone segment because of its support to modules.

LG preferred to call the modules as ‘friends’ but it seems that the segment is yet to take off in a big way. As a result, there is growing speculation that the upcoming LG G6 may do away with the ‘friends’ element completely in order to be a normal smartphone.


New rumors coming up from the LG G6 stable claim that the phone will follow in the footsteps of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to offer an iris scanner. The now defunct Galaxy Note 7 was the first device to offer an iris scanner at the top level of the smartphone segment. Unlike the fingerprint scanner which may or may not work depending on some circumstances, the iris scanner received a lot of praise for being excellent in almost all conditions.

The iris scanner was also foolproof and it required at the user’s eye at all times. Before users could experience the iris scanner prowess, the Galaxy Note 7 was pulled from the market. Rather than opt for the module support, it seems that the LG G6 is set to go full-blown in terms of features. The device will be looking to take advantage of the Galaxy Note 7’s absence from the market. Released in February 2016, the LG G5 came with top of the range of specifications yet it has failed to hit the same level of popularity as other smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7.

One of the primary disadvantages with the LG G5 was that the modules required a complete restart of the device. Motorola managed to achieve far more flexibility with the Moto Mods which can be added to increase the functionality of the device at any time. LG displayed the first signs of doing away with the modular support with the LG V20. Now, it seems to be completely going out of the window with the LG G6.

Iris Scanner Galaxy Note 7

LG have so far not commented about the presence, or rather the lack of, module support on the upcoming LG G6. However, they have confirmed that the upcoming device would feature an iris scanner since they have been developing the same in recent weeks. As only a couple of weeks left before the launch of the LG G6, more rumorsabout the other elements of the device are expected to arrive soon.

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