LG to Introduce a New Smartphone with Magnetic Resonance Wireless Charging

LG Magnetic Resonance Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has been the norm for quite a few popular smartphones of the past.

Interestingly, Samsung has been the pioneer on this front and has a range of handsets that support the Qi mode of wireless charging. LG apparently did not show much interest regarding implementing this feature on their devices. However, according to a Business Korea news report, the manufacturer has developed a smartphone that allows you to opt for magnetic resonance wireless charging. Even as there is absolutely no clue as the design of the handset or even when it is likely to be launched, the release is likely to take place any time soon. The manufacturer is said to be still contemplating about the ideal time to launch this smartphone into the market. However, there are expectations that the gadget will fall under the mid-range category.

It must be noted that the magnetic resonance based wireless charging functionality is quite different from that of magnetic induction wireless charging. In the latter case (irrespective of Qi or PMA option), the smartphone must without doubt have some form of contact with a charging unit. However, this is not required in the case of magnetic resonance supporting devices. In these devices, there is a considerable distance between the receiving device and the charger. Also, the power used for charging is radiated from a transmitter.

For instance, in LG’s handset that is going to feature this functionality, the charging can take place even when the device is kept at a distance of seven centimeters away from the charging unit or charging pad. The charging rate is expected to be seven watts which is considered to be a pretty decent value for an average smartphone battery. With the seven watts value, charging is bound to be more powerful and faster. This is given the fact that wireless chargers have proven to render slower performance than their cabled counterparts. Yet, it must be borne in mind that the 7 cm (translates to 2.75 inches) distance is not enough for you to be able to put the LG handset into use when it is being charged. The handset will attain full charge with close to an hour of uninterrupted charging. It may be worth bearing in mind that the maximum distance achieved so far for wireless charging is only nearly 0.78 inches. Earlier in April 2016, LG had made an announcement that it had successfully made its wireless charging functionality as quick as wired charging.

LG New Smartphone

Magnetic resonance charging can be very beneficial in instances where there is really a space crunch. For example, if you have a crowded desk at your work place, you can keep the smartphone on your neighbor’s desk while you mount the charging plate on to one of the walls of your cubicle. The rest will take care of itself. But, the best advancement that could ever be made to wireless charging is the ability to charge a handset with this feature even when it is in your pocket.

Business Korea reports also mention that the upcoming LG Pay Smart Card that has been talked about for quite some time now will also support the magnetic resonance style of charging.

If magnetic resonance wireless charging works out well on the unnamed smartphone of this Korean manufacturer, there may be expectations to see more such handsets from the manufacturer. Given the fact that there are no updates at the moment about the release of the LG gadget with this feature, there are speculations of the functionality featuring in a device that could in most probability well turn out to be a sequel to LG’s very own LG V 10 that was exclusively designed for Verizon carriers. Based on Korean reports that are going round, the manufacturer will ditch the Qi wireless charging option if the magnetic resonance wireless charging turns out to be a success.

Even as LG is working on the release of its magnetic resonance wireless charging supporting handset, it is continuing to face stiff competition from Chinese manufacturers like Meizu, Oppo and Huawei who currently have a range of smartphones to offer with PMA wireless charging capability to their credit. These manufacturers are also expected to launch a series of smartphones with magnetic resonance wireless charging into the market around the next year.

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